Rusted locks


So I just saw this while checking up on the Book randomly but the parts that have we have unlocked so far have a bit of, well “rust” on them now. Thought it was interesting.


I am pretty sure that they have been like that, There was another post like this one too


Maybe, looking back, I don’t remember seeing them. Might have ben just noticing, who knows.


I think the post was deleted, But it looks the same to me :yum:


Probably me just trying to figure out some way of trying to contribute and making a big deal over nothing. Looked an old picture I took awhile ago, and it looks the same, so you’re probably right.


If you want to help on what we are working on right now, We are on a poem that Aether sent to a few users Via email, You can check it out on #Fragments:fragment-eleven


Ohhh, I love poem puzzles! Thanks for the tip!


No problem!