Roman Numerals a cipher?


What I found so curious about the single book page Deirdre posted were the Roman Numerals at the bottom. I’ve been working with a couple of other Mountaineers (both much smarter than I am) to figure out if the Roman Numerals unlock a coded message. So far, no luck. The low-res picture is making it difficult.

Anyone have any thoughts on the significance, if any, of those numbers?


I’d say let’s keep the date in mind: 7-7-1889
And then the roman numerals translated:

Is that some sort of mathematical sequence? Any mathematicians out there recognize this pattern?


At first I thought they might be 2 IP addresses or lat/long coordinates but they don’t seem to be formatted correctly for that.


That’s not a bad thing to think about—coordinates of some kind?

Is there any sort of astronomical device at play here? Remember compass symbol with the constellations the Mountaineers emailed us a while back? Does that have anything to do with what we’re investigating? Endri?


This is silly but if you start at the last number and subtract down you get -313. Flip that first 3 around and it’s butterfly-esque?

But maybe there will be more numerals on the next pages and we won’t really know their significance until all the pages are revealed.


That’s a REALLY good observation. It might be just a coincidence, but we’re seeing more and more butterflies on the periphery of this thing. I don’t think it’s chance.


Please forgive the thread necromancy, I know the guilds frown on necromancy… This is simply the best place I could find to track this.

For those who care about the roman numerals, I’ve been keeping a list and here’s the update.

7/26, 2016 Guide launched

8/10, 2016 Fragment 1 roman numerals decoded

10/30, 2016 Key 1 roman numerals decoded 182, 192, 221, 267, 299, 314

11/18, 2016 Fragment 5, letter found by DG : 323, 326, 385, 394, 395, 410, 435

Fun facts about these that may or may not be important.

All these numbers increase in order.

My working theory is this is a count of something. My best guess is the number of unique individuals that have taken the Magiq guide.

My second best guess is it’s the number of wrong guesses I’ve made to date.

Edit Corrected the first set of numbers, was 10 numbers, not 5.

Also of note: I tracked the dates these numbers were released to us in an attempt to see if there were more or less numbers covering a specific time frame. I was thinking maybe this was a weekly count or something. So far that does not seem to be the case and the numbers in a given drop don’t really match up with the dates between releases.


Now I don’t want to throw a wrench in this, because it is an awesome post… and I wasn’t actually here for the first fragment. But weren’t there 10 Roman Numerals on the page for the first fragment?

I could be wrong. But I was just doing some pack tracking to the previous pages with roman numbers and saw this.


You know, you’re absolutely right. There were 10 in the first page. I’ll amend that in my notes and this post. Thanks!


Just updating this running record.
7/26, 2016 Guide launched
8/10, 2016 Fragment 1 roman numerals decoded
10/30, 2016 Key 1 roman numerals decoded 182, 192, 221, 267, 299, 314
11/18, 2016 Fragment 5, letter found by DG : 323, 326, 385, 394, 395, 410, 435
2/19, 2017 Key 2, roman numerals: 451, 464, 537, 554, 671, 919, 953
3/8, 2017 Fragment 9 Thank you @Gryphonic!
First page - 955.981.993.1007.1011
Second page - 1089.1128.1132.1139
Third assessment - 1324, 1376, 1409, 1413, 1416, 1627, 1647, 1654
Fragment 13:
Then page - 1664, 1667, 1852, 1855
Now page - 1872, 1887, 1945, 1951
10/1/2017 - Last page - 1872, 1887, 1941, 1995, 2005, 2070, 2087, 2357, 2359, 2356


I was just looking over this and I noticed a pattern. We received numerals in the first fragment of each set of four, and again in the key made from them. Therefore, it is logical to assume we would again receive fragments in key 3, fragment 13, and the last key.




Could the numerals be page numbers for something? Perhaps there’s a book or series of books we can find something in?


My first thought was that the numbers are references to verses from books, kinda like how all of the proverbs have a set of numbers assigned to them by numbers separated by colons.

Are there any significant books anyone can think of that we could try looking into with this in mind?


We now have another set from the third key


I’ve added it to the list.


@Robert oh thanks! I didn’t realize


It’s always better to have 2 people catch something than zero. So thank you @Mordiscas !


Just spit-balling, but I was writing all the numbers down and remembered that 451 is the temperature that paper burns. Since the BoB is a little crispy at the moment I thought it might be something.
Of course when I checked the date that number came from, unless the book was sending out a warning/premonition, I’m probably wrong since the list says it came from something in February.


I have no idea if you’re right, but I hope you are because you called the BoB “crispy” and that made my day.