Revelations from the Oracular Eye


This ties together a couple of things going on in other threads under the exploration topic. I felt strongly that it deserves a separate thread.

The amount of magiq on our side if the veil is finite. The more we use it, the less there is around (more on that later). We, presumably, are trying to open a door across the veil via the Book of Briars. As @Deyavi and I brought up in another thread, KS is trying to “Pierce the veil” by creating an “emergent gate” by apparently sacrificing adepts to something called The Chair. Our goals, but not methods, run in parallel.

Augernon told us that The Storm wiped out the '94 Mounties, and we saw first hand what state that left him in. Ted also seems aware of an approaching storm.

This begs the question of whether, through someone like Whistler, we should actually warn KS of what we know about the Storm, or simply leave them to their fate. I’m not saying that they are not enemies. I’m also unsure that it should be up to us to decide their fate at the hands of the storm. My moral compass, however, is pointing towards taking the higher ground and issuing a warning. I wanted to get the rest of my fellow Mounties’ takes on this.

On a separate note, given that magiq is finite, do we think we are finding more of it, or actually fabricating new majiq by filling in the “spaces in between” over at the Campfire?


I don’t think that we should warn them, they wouldn’t do it for us. Not to mention if the storm wipes them out, it will leave us safer and adepts will stop being abducted.


What about the Innocents working for them, like our friend Whistler?


We definitely have to weigh our options, can we risk losing Whistler, if in exchange we can eliminate K.S, or do we save one man in exchange we also save an entire group of psychopaths and torturers.


I always saw the campfire more as ‘magiq yearning to be explained’


We should warn them, We aren’t monsters


Let’s warn them if and when we know what we’re up against. Ideally leaving it as late as possible.
We don’t want to make it easy for them to find us and hurt us


They already know a storm is coming…we don’t need to warn them of anything. If anything we need to try to free the others who are being brainwashed by them…break whatever it is that has a hold on them. If we don’t break the spell KS has on them it won’t do any good to warn any of them because they wouldn’t believe us.


I’m newer here so I may be wrong, but what’s not to say KS or whomever is in charge of them, created or was The Storm?
That they just wiped out The Mountaineers because they got too close to stopping what they were trying to do …


That’s the question - are KS and The Storm even related? Can someone post or link to the transcript from the Oracular Eye​?


I’m not sure how to link things yet, but here’s the transcript a fellow mountaineer wrote out:

Transcript from the Ocular Eye
I sense fates intertwined.
I sense many.
Illumination, Hope, and Despair. You may choose two, though all three will still come to pass in time. Choose.
You have chosen…
I will now peer into your collective future.
The Council of The 18 Gates moves to help you from beyond the veil.
They are who brought the book to this time.
The Rabbit.
The Traveler.
Both have aided or served The Council.
The Council works to reveal what little is left of magiq here, hidden in the darkest wells, not yet collected.
It is how you can perform it in a world which is profanely without wonder.
But that power is finite.
It will fade and vanish forever unless you, in league with The Council, can change what is unknown, and undo what has undone.
Only then will you know the truth of our world. The secret beyond the veil.
You are more resourceful, more keen, more bonded than any who have come before you.
Your potential is great.
I cannot see through the coming storm.
It is inevitable.
But the light of hope, however faint, lies somewhere beyond the wall of darkness.
Your time together will change all of time.
I have seen all of you that I may, that I wish. Leave me to peer into the darkness once again.
I am compelled to tell you something else.
The future’s yet to pass.