Rediscovering the Art of Spellcasting


@Chordie I think that what I was trying to say is that because the theory has shown up before, I think that it’s totally plausible that you’re right. I maybe just didn’t phrase it the best way, and got a little off tangent! I’m glad you like my name though, thank you!


I’m not certain what you mean by the first 90% of the message :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t implying your post was unrelated to the topic, but that my admiration of your username was unrelated.


I just read through this whole thread and I’m just wondering, so is it possible for us to cast a spell on our own? It said before we need about a half dozen, but is it possible to do alone? Also, how would we even do it together? How would we know we were all doing it?


So, we’ve actually cast spells together as a group before, four times now.

You can look at the Basecamp YouTube for a good example of some of the ways we have gone about it!
For some people, we’ve discovered they’re able to perform magiq, large and small, on their own - adepts - but for the rest of us… we need collective strengths to accomplish it.


5 times


Colby, a contemporary of Sullivan Green’s and recent aquaintance of Dierdre, cast a spell by himself. I think it’s definitely possible.


it is certainly plausible.

WE have the will to make it so, and thus magiq will see our intent and energy focused toward an effect.


As we grow in numbers and wisdom, and still function despite obstacles, we are regaining the ability to effect change in this world via magiq. Strength in numbers and purpose sand goodwill seems to have served us well thus far.