Rediscovering the Art of Spellcasting


Then I vote for weekly magiq practices so we can learn how to safely cast spells as a group


I mean, I’m absolutely down for that on principle, but what you demon-summoning fiends do on your free time outside of the group practice is your business.


Its not just summoning, but binding as well, which is a whole other school of magiq, one which knowledge of has long since been lost except in the remote tome.


I concur. If you’ve read the Lesser Key of Solomon, you will get a clearer picture of what that means. Summoning a demon AND not dying - or worse - requires a pretty specific set of steps.


@Deyavi Ooo I read that book!


And finding a copy of the Greater key is impossible. Even for someone whose past life helped write it.


You ain’t wrong. The Latin texts supposedly comprising the original “Greater Key” were a forgery, and L.W. de Laurence’s “compilation” was a not-so-subtle advertisement for his mail-order business, and not a magiqal text at all.


I don’t think there is a greater key of Solomon, I know that there is a book 1 and 2 of the Key of Solomon. Both of which are reasonably accessible, not the originals of course. But there is also the Picatrix and Gladrabok.


I take great pride in my past life’s achievements, that forgery stung.


Back to the original discussion though, I don’t think all spells need to be spoken, some just need your will and intention. For example an old neighbor of mine, whom I think would of fit firmly into the Balimoran category would just look up at the sky and the next thing you know there would be clouds. It was quite impressive to watch.


I was taught that the words are only there to help focus the intention. In theory you can perform a whole ritual as long as you can visualise well enough.


Possibly brings some extra meaning to “if looks could kill.” Guess I gotta keep practicing.


Im totally down to practice! Gonna start honing in on Choreomancy and Theraputics for now… work up to stuff like Call To The Hearth and Shapeshifting.


Perhaps at my place?

For late spring weeding?


Where does one even start into this world of magiq? I’ve been a believer of magic my whole life, but this is finally something that feels real. How do I acess my magiq and learn more about spellcasting in general. Some of the people here seem to know something. I’m new to this, but I’m reading all I can to get caught up with what’s happened before I was here. I want to do everything I can, if anyone can offer any advice, please do.


Part of this - particularly the campfire - is the space to recreate and reimagine what we know of magiq. Look to your guild,and the guide as inspiration. See what others have created in response and let it flow. You might make something amazing.


It’s no question that the most grand and impressive stuff we’ve done has come from the instruction of those far more understanding than us. This is just a fact. The safeguard spell and the grounding hex were not our design.

That said, many of us are figuring out the smaller things little by little. Ask any Thornmouth about our Tome Kindling sessions around the Mindflame :fire:!

Some of the things I’ve seen people do might be old news in the greater world of magiq, but in our sphere, they’re part of a trail being blazed by us Mounties. Relatively new to it all and kind of ignored by the rest of those who know far more, we may as well be inventing it :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m getting at is that we have so much more to learn, and when you feel the tug of magiq, see where it takes you. Might find something interesting!


Here is the way I see Magiq, and the greater universe as a whole. Now, keep in mind, I am still excessively green here, and not entirely read up on how you all have experienced Magiq, but this is the very general gist of how it flows through my veins. Magiq is just a primeval name for energy. (or energy a modern name for Magiq, take your choice.) Everything that is not nothing (read: a void or vacuum) contains Magiq. You, me, elephants, tigers, birds, bugs, trees, and even stones and the air itself! Casting a spell, i.e. OracleSage’s Shapeshifting (a personal favorite of mine) is simply the manipulation of Magiq. Magiq is a living, flowing thing. in ancient times, when everyone felt the presence of Magiq all around them and didn’t know what to call it, they called it God. And now that we can see it, but have forgotten what it’s true name is, we call it energy. So therefore, think of Magiq not as simply a tool or means to an end. Instead, think of it as your ally, your friend. Not beholden unto you, but wishing to help you. Guide it, don’t force it. Show it, don’t shove it. And the more clearly you picture your intent, the easier it will be for Magiq to help you. Words act as a magnifying glass for your mind, making clear intent of fuzzy thought, as does desperate need, such as that seen in unconscious spellcasting. I will also say this. I think there are many more adepts out there than we realize. I believe whatever the spell was that made us forget Magiq, also tried to put up barriers in the minds and bodies of adepts to keep them from being able to use Magiq, as is their birthright. These barriers can manifest in many different ways, from ADHD, to MPD, to Depression, just to name a few. Feel free to question anything that is unclear and I will try to explain it better.


Your theory mimics many Wiccan beliefs, which center around the idea that a spellcaster must cast their spell with a crystal clear intent of what they want it to do, as well as firm focus to make it happen. According to a lot of the Wiccan religions, spells can be cast unwittingly if circumstances align properly, namely when the caster has such a powerful desire to make something happen that they are able to cast a spell that fufits their desire, such as the endless night of learning. Interestingingly, this goes for curses as well as imbuing certian objects with energy.


Unrelated, but I love the name @Avacyn!