Quick Question & Poll


What domain do you use to come to the forum?


Honestly, both.
Basecamp out of habit on desktop, Ackerly Green on mobile, but I’ve been trying to transition to Ackerly Green since it’s actually your domain ?


My laptop autofills Basecamp33, and on other devices when I type the address I use ackerlygreen.


I set the ackerlygreen one as a pin on my web browser when basecamp33 stopped working, but I had been doing basecamp33


I, too, switched from basecamp to ackerlygreen on desktop. I’m going through the app on my phone unless there’s something to download.


I use Basecamp, I think mostly through habit and nostalgia more than anything.


I used to use the Basecamp33 address, now it’s switched to AckerlyGreen automatically. I did kind of like the nostalgia of the old address, tho.


I just use Ackerly Green.