Profile Badges


Hey Mounties! I’m still learning my way around the forum but I hoped someone could help shed some light on the badges that we earn for our profile. Most are self-explanatory. But one seems to elude me. It’s the invite a friend one? How do I recruit people to join?

I’ve been sharing a link to the Guide to Magiq, but that doesn’t seem to be a way to earn my desired badge lol



Some badges such as Join The Fight and New User of the Month are old badges that aren’t given out anymore or have super weird requirements.

I’ve never been able to work out the invite one either, I believe that there used to be a button on the topics somewhere that allowed you to invite people. However I think it’s been discontinued or something as I haven’t been able to find it.

CJ didn’t create all the badges, some like 100 likes are ones that just came with the forum as base badges

There are also discontinued badges such as explorer or unobtainable badges such as fragment badges. Some are give out based on your community role or level and some are automatic like anniversary

We recommend that you don’t go badge hunting as it’s usually pointless or impossible as most are automatic or given out


I’m both disappointed and glad to know Haha I can be a bit of an achievement hunter sometimes, so knowing that the badges aren’t 100% functional will help curb that little hobby! Lol


Oh man I’m a massive completionist as well so I get how you feel :laughing:


Then again, its cool as heck to have a badge pretty much nobody else has or will have. Outriders a pretty tough one to get, so i take a lot of pride in having it.


Yes, this knowledge realxes me quite a bit :sweat_smile: