Product Design Poll - Vote ASAP!



IF, IF I were to put new guild badge shirts in the bookshop, would you prefer a centered design, or “left pocket” style design. Vote below!

  • Centered
  • “Left Pocket”

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They both look so good!


I think I prefer left pocket, unless the larger design filled up more space on the front of the shirt. I like my graphic tees either with real big designs or teeny tiny.


@Revenir, more like:


Yes! Pretty much as big as possible haha. I’m a real big fan of the Oracular Eye shirt size.


I know I have already said this but that modern thorn aesthetic is so pretty it could change me :rofl:


I have to say that I do love the left pocket design. It gives the shirts a bit more of a “professional” feeling.


May I abstain on account of being torn between the two?