Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


After recent events I do think we need to tone down the niceties and start pushing her into action. However I don’t think we need to scare her, we just need to tell her what to do. However like @Robert said we don’t know how events played out. It’s kind of like a catch 22


I’d like to be honest.
I’d love nothing more then to tell her “You don’t make it, but Alison, Ali grows up to be a hero.”
I think she could find some solace in that.
However, they say the first victim of war is truth…
And I think that applies.


I’m leaning to agree with @Mr5yy and @Rimor on one thing. Maybe the time for niceties is over.

Here’s my suggestion for a script. I’d be happy to record it unless anyone else feels strongly and wants to put the necessary attitude into it.

Here’s a story for you, Knatz.

Once upon a time there was a woman.

This woman briefly had the gift to gain all the wisdom and council of the past.

One day this woman started to hear voices from the future, and she had access to everything the future could tell her.

With all the voices in her head she forgot about the one that matters. Her own. The past or the future don’t matter. Only the present does.

Knatz, make up your own damned mind.

You know what magiq is? How it works? Magiq is taking your thoughts and pointing them at your best intention, and then getting out behind that and pushing with your entire heart and soul.

Your intention, and your emotion. Harness those and you can do anything. Give those up, and you can’t do anything.

We will understand whatever you choose, just for the love of all that’s good in this world…do something.


We already do know bits and pieces. The cast the memory spell, Storm shows up, Augie sacrifices hisself.


I like it, especially telling Knatz to make up her own mind.


That sounds brilliant!


What I mean is, is that we don’t know knatz’s involvement and the choices she made. Ye we know generally what happened but we don’t know everything. God is in the details.


It’s long, but I gave it a shot:

Knatz, this is going to be a choose-your-own adventure story.

It was the year 2016 and Ascender sent out word to the world that the Book of Briars was back and needed to be opened. One of the ladies who answered the call was named Ali. Her mother, whom the Mounties knew as Knatz, was not.
Through the Book’s complications (what the new Mounties called fragments), they came upon Martin, a friend of the old Mounties, who spoke with Augernon for them. Augie’s mind was not what it once was, needing a spell to remember even a little of what happened in 1998 when the Storm came for them.
Did the previous Mounties continue to work on the complications, only to have the Storm get them sometime during the last two?
Did they try the Nazi bastard hex to save those that were left, and Knatz just wasn’t around later for some other reason?
Did the bastard hex backfire? It did say it would either make them forget or kill them.
We don’t know, and Ali hasn’t been back from her last brave adventure to ask, though we still have hope.
If Knatz didn’t survive whatever happened in 1998, which do you think would have inspired her more: her mother dying while trying to make a normal life for a few years, or dying trying to eliminate the Storm once and for all?


Alright, thoughts if we want to send anything? I’m so torn, I’m partly just thinking of sending nothing, but then maybe we don’t get a response. Or we just send 30 seconds of silence so we’ve technically sent something. Or we send Ashburn’s or my script, or does someone want to make a case for actually encouraging her to do something specific?



I am in love with the script you wrote @Robert , I think it is exactly what she needs to hear.


I still think we need to send something…between the situation with Deeds and Cole and what Knatz is dealing with, we need information. We can’t afford a day’s worth of radio silence. I like your script, @Robert, but I’m down with either one…I think they’re both a departure from the tone of what we’ve been sending so far, which is good. I don’t know that we can or should tell her to do something specific…as far as I can tell, we don’t really have consensus on if we’ve already disrupted the timeline or if this is what was supposed to happen, and giving her specific instructions from incomplete information could be disastrous.

We’ve still got a little wiggle room before we need to be sending in the file though, so if other people have thoughts on any of that, this is the time to discus! It would probably be good to not be down to the wire again, given everything that’s going on.


Okay, well my time from 3:30-6:00 always gets a bit chaotic so let me throw this out there now. If someone has a better idea by all means take the helm.

Here’s my recording. It’s rough in spots but I’m going for genuine off the cuff, vs well practiced. So I left in the junk.

This is me telling a bedtime story and/or attempting a dopeslap a woman 29 years after the fact, via dream magiq. Because that’s apparently something I do with my free time now.


Maybe it’s my browser, but it doesn’t look like your file attached?

Edit: Okay, it is my browser…the player will show up for like half a second as the page loads and then it’s disappearing. I trust you though…if you’re happy with the recording, then I’m sure it’s great!


I see the file, and it sounds great!


Wow you sound so stern :laughing: I like it.


I mean… I liked @Ashburn 's . So if we haven’t sent anything yet I’d perfer sending that one. Maybe it’s becuase I’m biased and 100% want Knatz to finish off the storm instead of living a “normal life” or possibly dying in the hex. I felt like this script, instead of leaving it up to chance, influences Knatz’s final decision into the direction which I view as having a more valuable outcome.


I like @Robert’s recording/script the best.


I don’t think it’s been sent yet…I think it was so that we had SOMETHING and didn’t have to rush at the last second. I’d have to read over both scripts again, but what you’re saying makes sense…and we do still have some time to play with.


That sounds fantastic @Robert!


Was the recording sent? It sounds awesome.