Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


It needs to be changed to .WMA but it should work.


Oh. I just finished xD
Nevermind then ^^


If your work quickly, you can send it.


Convert it to WMA and send your’s if you want!


its no biggie. Send yours, im not sure i can do all this in time ^^ might just be the stress on my part though



Woooo! Great job @Mr5yy ! And thanks to @Cj_Heighton for jumping in there too!


Thanks for the help though! You hopefully we aren’t in such a hurry tomorrow and you can do it. :blush:


I appreciate it! :innocent:


Yas! Great work everyone. Hopefully in a few days I’ll be less busy. I’m excited for @Cj_Heighton to do the recording tomorrow :blush:


Heeeh. Ill do my best! XP


Excellent hustle, everyone! Sorry, I’d already left work when I saw the notification, and I couldn’t read the script and record at the same time. So glad the Mountie family is such a reliable, resourceful team. :hugs:


(sorry again for calling people out when I can’t record myself)


Tinker you’re totally fine :blush:


Na, it’s okay. I like to do the recordings anyways.


Totally fine, tink.



I recommend the worst possible thing that I can think of. Give Knatz a nightmare about what happens to Ali. Give her all the answers and let Knatz decide what she wants to do.


What answers? We have no idea what she decided historically. We know Ali turned out okay. That’s it.

My two cents is the absolute worst answer we can give Knatz Is to abdicate her ability to make her own decisions. Do what you believe is right, not what someone tells you is right. Maybe that’s just the Balimora in me.


We know what happened to Ali. That’s one answer. We may not know Knatz’s personal decision, but we know historically what happened. Tell her this is one of the possible out comes and it may be one of the nicer ones.

We need to stop beating around the bush. Knatz wants to know what to do. She’s terrified for her friends, herself and for her daughter. We keep on sending these happy messages telling her everything is going to be okay while the world is falling apart around her. In the beginning, these recordings were perfect, but now they are being completely lost when compared to Knatz’s worry, terror, and fear.