Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


is visibly shaken by this development
Genuinely understand Augie’s idea, from a logical sense, as a way to protect us, but its too big. too many variables.
There has to be another way. a way to shield them and us. The Council will protect the book in their time, we need to protect them, from now.

Can we send some magiq, or a spell, or something we can do to fix this?
A story with intent, a story of hope that the future will persist, and acceptance that if they need to, they can shield themselves that way. something. anything.

thank her, truly, for allowing us to see what happened before. because its been important to us.


Also, @Cj_Heighton, we do know of a spell which can help recall memories. It was used in Fragment 11, and it’s called “Consolatory Teatime for Misplaced Memories.” We actually used it to help Augernon to recall some of the things he knew from around this time. Augie also used it on his grandfather at the end of fragment 14 after we sent it to him sometime in during the Fragment. We never learned what he found out until now.
I think waiting to try and find them in the present day so we could use the spell could be difficult, though. After all, we don’t know if the Mounties other than Ascender and Augernon survive past 1998. It could be a lost cause, and it would also be nearly impossible to find any of them today, I think.


We already know that we can. It doesn’t shut down after we send a message, I’ve already tested this. The prompt still shows up and will allow you to upload a recording.


It’s almost frustrating to see the prompt for something to send to Knatz at this point. I’d hope we’d be connected to another person to work on fragment 15. Maybe Saberlane will find something tonight.

Let’s make with the gratitude and well wishes and give her a big ole dream hug and let her go back to whatever life she chooses.

Edit: Although, just to throw this out there (I literally just thought of this). What kind of life will this make for Ali? “Mommy, I have memories of ancenstors, including memories of yours.” “I have no idea what you’re talking about, you must be crazy.” Not sure Knatz thought this through.


I hadn’t thought of Ali’s ancestral Memories. Hmm.


As far as I can tell, there’s no reply from Deeds about the Ramble, so I think we should go ahead and send something to Knatz. My vote is nothing intentionally frightening, and I like the idea of sending gratitude and saying that we aren’t giving up and that sort of thing.


I do agree with @Sellalellen that giving Knatz a nightmare does gives us the response that we need. But we really only need to do that if we have something that needs to urgently be done. At this time, expressing gratitude towards Knatz is a good idea. The only other things that I can think of at this time is warning them that the Storm will most likely attack while they are doing the spell and that maybe we could have the 96 Mountiees hide their most important items so that we can find them now.


Okay…I’m not so great at the poetics and the storytelling, so if someone wants to script out something fancy that would be cool…but we’re approaching the deadline. Is someone free to record something along the lines of: Thank you, Knatz for all of your help. We were glad to be able to work with you, and are sorry that we couldn’t fix this. Please take care and stay safe, and always trust in the flow of magiq, wherever it may lead you.

And maybe something about Ali being alright? I’m not the greatest writer, so if someone wants to take this and run with it, please do!


I just edited your words a touch.

I removed the part about being sorry we couldn’t fix this. We can fix this once we open the book, which we will.

Thank you, Knatz for all of your help. We were glad to be able to work with you. Please take care and stay safe, and always trust in the flow of magiq, wherever it may lead you. Ali will be alright.


That’s true…didn’t think of it like that!

Is anyone around to record?

Edit: just looking at the clock…I’m pretty sure we have 50 minutes to get this in. I’m in a shared office space so I can’t do the talking bit. Is anyone around that could do this (maybe @Mr5yy, @cheyyyme, or @Viviane? Or someone else that’s nearby?)


I’m swamped at work!


No worries! Was just trying to catch someone’s attention that’s done the recordings before. Sorry for calling you out!


Ope, sorry about that 5. I’ve been kind of out of the loop for parts of this fragment, so I did not realize that you had tried it! If that’s the case, we can try sending three different messages, but I still think one message, whether divided or with a single purpose, like causing a nightmare, would still be best.


We have about half an hour to get something submitted, I think…we’ve got an option for the gratitude written out (it’s short but should do the trick).


Okay, I’m going to try to record something but I want everyone to try to do it. I’m at dinner, so I might not make it.


Recording something now.


Okay, I’ll try to record it! Hopefully I make it in time!


If you go up @Robert has a script to be read!


^This is what we got


Oop. I just sorta recorded whatever, ill go find it