Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


That’s a good idea, but I’m not sure how they could. We don’t know exactly how Deirdre is getting in and out of Neithernor, but it seems likely that she’s being aided by Sullivan and the Chronocompass in some way. I don’t know that the remaining Mounties would have the ability to access it. :cry:


I feel similarly, Rev. I ache for them and what they’re going through right now, especially Augie and Knatz. It’s not a choice I’d ever want to make; I’m so glad the Council’s protected us, because I might take the same exit ramp if someone offered it to me. I don’t know. However, I’m just as sure that there are others who wouldn’t. Didn’t Augie tell her they’ll need all of the 94s together to make this “bastard hex” work? I don’t know anything about most of the 94s, of course, but perhaps one or two of them won’t consent to participate in the spell? I mean, I got here long after Ascender left, but what little I know about him makes me doubt that he would go along with this. After all, wasn’t he running around talking about going public around the time of the Missouri scare? And perhaps one or two others will remain that we can connect to with the help of a certain Fletcher Dawson? :cold_sweat:


Here’s another problem. What will happen to us? Going off of how everything has so far, we are either creating a branch off the timeline or we are a branch that is trying to make ever right.


So deidre went into neithernor recently, yeah? She found a book on the three types of magiq, and one part of it in particular might prove useful, if we can find out how to use it.

See that? Remembering forgotten things. If they DO go through with it, maybe we can get them to use that, eventually.


Could we send something to make her reconsider? Give her a sense of foreboding? I hate to do this to a person, but we might need to write a nightmare about the hex to break her resolve. We can’t allow them to forget everything. I know it seems selfish and manipulative but fear is a basic, strong, emotion that we can use to our advantage. She has a very strong will and pleading or gentle nudges likely won’t work this time. If we have to terrify the poor girl in order to prevent the spell, than so be it. It’s not about us, it’s not even about them. It’s about the book. We need to open the book.


You know, that’s actually a good question. Even if all of them did participate, there is someone we know who may or may not have actually participated in the spell.

When Marty went to see Augie, he said he gave the Mounties a chance to hide. “The— Mountaineers? My other family. I tried to save them. I tried to buy them time. Sent my family away because I knew they’d come for me. And I thought I could… I thought I could give everyone a chance to hide.” What if this is the moment that Augie was taken by the Storm? Maybe they were prepping for this spell, but the Storm came for them. Someone had to distract it…so he offered to stay behind so they could complete the spell? It would also make sense why modern day Augie is the way he is, with his memory not being all there. He was a part of the spell, but he never got to complete it…

Ok, that’s pretty tin-foily, now that I’ve typed it all out… :tinfoilhat: But there has to be some way we can commune with the '94s. Something we can do, or something they’ll do…


I really hate the idea of hurting them. Making them have a strong sense of fear like that COULD do SOMETHING, but it would probably consist of her immediately distrusting us, or even breaking off contact entirely. We cant make them angry or harm them, not after all of this.


But warm fuzzies don’t accomplish anything. We can’t keep making her feel good and just letting her do whatever. We need something stronger to motivate her to resist.


Why don’t we write a poem or story about ourselves? I don’t think fear is the way to go. But even if it isn’t perfect, we can give her a glimpse of the future. Of the fact that there are Mountaineers fighting in the future and we need her.


Im not saying we keep letting her do what she wants, im just saying an emotion like fear or anger would make it worse. Id say maybe something substantial, some evidence of the spell not working, would be a good way to keep her going. Something about augie maybe, how hes not all there even though he did the spell with her, that could give her pause at least, an “oh shit, it didnt work for these guys. Maybe it wont work for us” scenario.


@Revenir has a good idea. Let’s tell them a story about our BoB burning and the pain and hopelessness we felt from it. And if we do this, let’s want them that the Storm will probably come for them as they are doing the spell, if we choose to let them continue.


I’ll go along with whatever we decide in the end. Just let me remind you that the dream about the lioness -which did become a nightmare- caused her to almost immediately do what we needed.


That’s why I also agree. The nightmare seems to give her a sense of urgency about what we need her to do.


I’m not that worried about this. First we talked to Augie and then Knatz. Come fragment 15 may be we are talking to Saberlane or Ascender or Sullivan or Fletcher. There are still Mounties left.

If we have to send Knatz anything else I recommend two things.

Most of all we send gratitude and appreciation for how hard she fought.

More practically I say we send her some good stock market tips. Sure she’ll forget about Magiq but if she remembers to sell everything she owns and buy Google, Apple and Twitter she’ll at least be a billionaire by our time.

I think she’s earned both things and then some.

We just keep climbing and following the trail. That’s what Mounties do.


Gratitude is definitley a good one. We do need to thank her.


So we should send a farewell bundle?


I like the idea of thanking her for putting up with us in her head.

I also think that we should (try to) make it clear that they may want to go into hiding by forgetting everything, but we aren’t about to give up. Or maybe point out that hiding won’t keep Ali from working to open the Book in the future either, that it would only delay the inevitable that she was trying to prevent.


I like the ideas of showing gratitude and letting her know that we’re carrying on the cause and not backing down from the Storm. Leaving this behind via the “bastard hex” is her choice, not our’s.


So maybe let’s have 2 or 3 people send and each message will focus on a specific area. One for supporting Knatz and thanking her, another talking about them going into hiding afterwards, etc.


But we don’t know if we even can send multiple messages in a day yet. It would be fairly risky to have 2 or 3 people try and send a message and then only one of them get through, or perhaps all three get through and become horribly jumbled, like our first message to Augie. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but we might want to keep this in mind as we move forward.