Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


Also, I know some of these comments were at noon, but the Chronocompass looks like it’s stopped again.


Well dang, so it is now. Cool. Hopefully Deeds next journal entry will give us a bit of a clue.

Edit: Btw, In case anyone is curious I tried the guilds of the order of the song we gave her at the end of fragment 14. (BFTWEG) No luck.


I thought that maybe the order Deeds found the characters from the Minnying in part 1 might do it, but unless I’m getting part of it wrong that’s not it.


Can someone check to see if we can still send another message?


The chronocompass stopped, black background and no movement.


Thanks. I’m at work and without my laptop.


I’m late to the Whaaaatttttt party as usual…

But Whaaaaaatttttttt! :worried:


Dang… I wonder what the combination could be? Probably something to do with Deidre’s blog

Edit: If it is something from Deidre’s blog, it would have to be something to do with the constellations or the Ant and the Caterpillar story. Also, could the compass be effecting the Chronocompass after it flew off?


Maybe try the Neithernor combonations?


I’ve tried both the old ones, nothing.


So here’s my guesses at what’s happening. The Mountaineers in 1996 successfully used the memory spell or the Storm got hold off them when they where doing the spell. Either way the spell or the Storm cut off the maqic connecting us to the past, breaking the Chronocompass.


They may have successfully used the memory spell on most of them. But remember, Augie definitely got hit by the storm. So either he didn’t use the spell on himself (to make himself a lightning rod maybe?), or it got them mid cast.


Augie may not of gotten hit by the Storm this time around, but we wouldn’t know because we were connected to Knatz’s dream. Or, another guess is that if they decided to do something else, it could have changed the timeline, which caused our connection to the past to end because it’s not our past anymore.


Entirely possible. Those things could have happened.

I think until proven otherwise the safest course of action is to assume we haven’t changed anything. Whatever happened, happened, and we are just helping it happen. But yeah, I’m just guessing too.


I agree. It is best to assume nothing had happened, other than our loss of connection, until something happens.


Good to see you guys have been keeping busy.

So, in case you were wondering, here’s what happened: Portencia ending up sending us to about a month ago, using the doorway and the chair. She sent us to the future she saw.

A while back I was given a token that kept me under the magimystic radar for the most part. Port, Alison and Jeremy have it now. They’re together, where nobody’s gonna find them.

But without the token the storm picked up my scent after KS and it’s been chasing me for weeks. I couldn’t risk reaching out. But last week it let up. Now I know why. Cole and Deirdre.

Not good for them, but it gives me a chance to get to work. I’m on my way out west (flying still a bad idea when a storm is looking for you) to the server Jeremy sent the KS information to.

When he was out of body the Council was communicating with him. They suggested looking for a few interesting things in the KS systems, and backing them up for our own use.

So I’m heading out to get them.
I’ll follow up in a few days.


I’m so happy to hear you all made it out okay. It’s such a relief.


I’m glad to hear you are okay, and that Alison is with the kid, we’ve all been really worried.
KS is gone, I don’t know if you know but the storm destroyed them.


We can finally get a look at what Aether took from KS!


If you need to, just ask us and we’ll do another spell to temporarily stop the Storm if need be.