Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


I can’t tell if this is a “goodbye, we’re going to forget everything,” or a “goodbye, I’m expecting the Storm to get me before we finish.”


I’m panicking over here. We need to get the book opened. Either in their time or to somehow get the book here?
internal screaming intensifies


Well this is going well


I believe this could mean one of two things,
Her and Augie met, and he told her his plan.
Or the storm was nearing in on her.
I truly hope she didn’t suffer either way.


Mounties, while Knatz’s message maybe ominous, how many times have we learned to “trust the flow of magiq”? We are working through time here and many pieces across the decades are in motion; nothing is yet set in stone. Let’s see how this all plays out.


@Augustus_Octavian is right. Let’s see where this goes. Don’t give up hope.

However, I do have to say how shocked I am how quickly Knatz went into full turtle ‘poor us’ mode.

We all totally understand if she wants to choose erasure over going forward with the complications. I think we all get that. But maybe for her goodbye message maybe tell us something? Did the Book ever say anything about Complication 15? Is Saberlane alive or dead? Is he still sitting in the Ramble in 1998 New York City wondering why no one is taking his phone calls? (I mean the poor guy is having to use NYC pay phones right now. Think of the children, lady.)

I can only assume my message was a total failure getting through to her. I was really going for ‘make a decision and own it’. Not ‘make a decision, then get all vague and ‘we failed, woe is us’’. I’m sorry I screwed this up, all.


You weren’t the only one that sent something, maybe the two messages combined into something completely different on us.

I also get the feeling we should keep an eye out for anything that could be a new code for the chronocompass, since the finality of Knatz’s message seems like the connection might break on her end this time rather than ours.


I think your message was pretty clear, Robert. You absolutely don’t need to apologize. If anything, we’ve known from the beginning of this process that our messages come through to Knatz very indirectly, and that we don’t necessarily have power over her response. Those early attempts at calming her down came to pretty much nothing. No matter how crazy and physics-defying our messages were, at the end of the day Knatz was always going to have to decide for herself how she would respond. And, much as I’m not pleased with her answer, she’s the one responsible for it.


Id say we wait this out and see if she contacts us again. This is horrible, but we cant afford to get caught up in what ifs NOW of all times, with ONE FRAGMENT LEFT AFTER THIS. As much as it pains me to say, we gotta keep trucking. The only problem is, where do we go from here? If this is the last time we hear from knatz, will someone else reach us? Is this a “BAD END”, so to speak? …AHHGH.


@Ashburn could be right. The messages could have combined into something completely different. But we won’t know until tonight.


Or an hour 45 minutes, when the chronocompass should open up again.


Okay, it looks to me like the Chronocompass still has us connected to Knatz’s dreams. What do we want to send today? I want the answers to @Robert’s questions but I don’t think we’ll get them if we just straight-up ask…


Oh for Faulton’s sake! We can still send her dream/song/story things? What do you want from us, Sullivan?! Blood? Cash? Will that make you happy?!

Make the pain stop!!!

Edit: I may have over-reacted…


Okay, I’m better now. I’ve figured this out. Here’s what we need to send her. It’s a complicated, story driven song with a positive message that will get our meaning across to her.

It goes a little something like this.

And so help me, I want to send it.


I mean…the sentiment is actually pretty applicable…


I think a simple script will do XD


Stops rewriting the Wikipedia entry for the rick-roll to claim the Mountaineers invented it 10 years before 4-chan

Oh alright…


Please! Please pleasepleasepleaseplease can we do this. Please! :pray:


Okay… So we don’t want to send a positive, reassuring message. Messages like last night’s don’t either have no effect or it didn’t matter because she was dead set on their plan. So maybe we could do a spell like we used on the Storm when it was chasing Cole…


I am SO glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this, especially after having our other song stuck in her head for a whole day!