Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


oh shit, we sent MULTIPLE messages? would that mean she has multiple dreams one after another, perhaps?


Probably or a dream that’s a mixture of the two recodings.


Woah guys, we sent both ?
We don’t know how that will affect her! I agree she needs to be pushed but we are running out of time, I don’t think now is the time to be experimenting with how her dreams work.


Hopefully with just two it won’t be too much of a problem. I recall when we sent the first email to Augie that actually made it through, there had been a second message that was sent and it worked out okay.
Then again, email isn’t the same thing as dream hacking…


Too late now! I wonder if we’ll absolutely ruin the message…in that case (and if we screw everything up) this way fun guys!


Either way, I think we should get something back. She knows we’re here now, so even if she doesn’t know what we’re saying I think she’ll respond.

Edit: With Augie, he didn’t know who we were at first do he didn’t know how to reply.


I’m pretty sure sending both will turn out okay. You can have multiple dreams a night after all.


I don’t think is going to matter. If things go wrong and we get no reply tomorrow it shouldn’t matter too much. I say this because we know that time is different for her, for example we didn’t send a message in 48 hours (I think) but when we got a reply form her it was only the next day whereas for us it had been two. There was no interruption for her


With the two messages at once, it’s also possible she could experience a dreamshift. I’ve only experienced this once (to the best of my knowledge) and I’ve never heard about it from anyone else, so the name isn’t scientific, just what I call it. It’s an instance when you’re dreaming and suddenly everything in the dream changes and shifts to a new dream. It’s possible she might experience that when being sent two messages at once.


I’ve experienced a dream shift.




OH NO :cry: :sob:

Edit: Well, we know what they did. We will make it up the mountain. Godspeed my friends. We’ve got this.

Edit2: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH (internal monologue)



Knatz, Knatz.

What are you thinking?!

What the hell is that supposed to mean?!


Okay…but there is still the chance that this is all happening as it was “supposed” to. So maybe it goes wrong or it doesn’t work or something and everyone is okay!


You aren’t wrong, but this…

She’s not weak, she’s stuck through it this long and risked this much, and she’s put her personal interests aside up until now to do this, so what is she planning?


What are they doing? It sounds like they’ve decided to do something totally separate from the memory spell.


This might be an in-case goodbye. Like a will that was written and isn’t needed for decades. or maybe i’m just being hopeful.


I…I don’t understand what this means? If she’s writing this, then it means either they haven’t done the spell yet, or the spell failed… I’m honestly terrified to know what happened, and what’s going to happen to Knatz next…


Godspeed my friend.