Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


Nope was waiting on more input.


I think it’s okay for it to be sent. Everyone seems to be okay with it, but we do still have an hour and 45 minutes, so whenever is okay.


I tried doing a recording of mine (ended up a little shaky at the end), but can’t get my phone to upload the 3gp file, even to a converter.

Edit: figured out a way, one second.


Here’s mine (pardon the car that drove by).


The car gave me a jumpscare for some reason. :rofl:


Maybe it’ll startle Knatz into action? :wink:


I like it. Somehow we have to decide which to send in 19 minutes


I’ve got mine converted to wma if we choose it.



Of all the days for it to cut off earlier!


@Ashburn, I still see the submission button. Anyone else?


I still see a button. Going to send mine. Heck send them both.


You can still submit it. Go with @Robert, just send both.


Mine’s sent.

Downloading @Ashburn’s now


I still have, it must be a problem on your end @Ashburn


Okay, guess the page had a minor glitch on me there, it came up.


Sweet, my conversion of yours was taking forever for some reason. Well done.


Let’s hope they don’t get all muddled together into something less understandable than usual. :wink:


I really want to see what comes out of sending both. Thanks @Robert and @Ashburn for doing it today!


Well done guys!


Good job everyone! I’m intrigued as to how Knatz will respond to multiple messages…