Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


It depends on if we need to go off true north or not. Id say we try the vertical one this time and see what happens


@Endri, you’re genius! I got it!

(SE, SW, SW, E, NE, NW) (T,B,B,E,F,G)

No chimes this time, though…


Do you have the link for the site?



I’ve been to that Alice in Wonderland statue, even had lunch on a mushroom with some friends there.
If I had to associate with a guild id say Gossmere or perhaps Thornmouth.


I got it!

Ramble - Alice - South East - Thornmouth
Alice - Bow Bridge - South West - Balimora
Bow Bridge - Strawberry - South West - Balimora
Strawberry - Cherry - East - Ebenguard
Cherry Hill - Obelisk - North East - Flinterforge
Obelisk - Summit Rock - Northwest - Gossmere


I got it to spin, but there weren’t any chimes and it sent me right back to the splash page, which gave me PTSD from our Assessment 3 struggles :laughing:

EDIT: While I was typing this, @Viviane solved it too! Great work!


That is odd that we’ve got no chimes…


Great work @Augustus_Octavian !
Now… Lets find out who we are talking to this time…


But how are we gonna know when to be around or how to get to the message page!


Looks liek we gonna need a router of people around to refresh lol


It worked for me too, no chimes…
No chimes, combined with the fact that the window for corresponding seemed to be getting shorter with Knatz, has me a little worried.


So, I’m guessing the Chronocompass is busted… Maybe there’s something else we need to do? Like put in the order of guilds, unless that’s already been done.


Maybe we can ask Deeds and @CRSumner to try it as a knocking combination into to see if that gets us anywhere…

Cole, the combination is above (SE, SW, SW, E, NE, NW) - let us know when Deeds (or you, our brave friend!) give it a shot and let us know where it takes you!


While we’re worrying, can we talk about the unusual amount of security Cole saw at the Ramble? …Does someone unfriendly know what we’re doing in the park? I know we keep telling you this, and I’m sure you already are, but you and Deeds take care of yourselves, @CRSumner. (It’s not paranoia if someone’s really out to get you, right?) :sweat_smile:


It worked like it did in the past, so I don’t think it’s broken. It might just work differently this time.


I’ll try to give it a check hourly once I get off work (unless it opens up before then).


Maybe someone contacts us this time, not the other way around? I don’t know, I’m just worried that there’s something wrong and we’re stuck at this point. Hm…

And yeah, security in a park?! Something fishy going on there…


Ohhh, that’s a good idea! Maybe someone will contact us, but how would we know when?


No idea, but I’m planning hourly refreshes lol


Was the Chronocompass supposed to move when I put in the code? I know it usually makes a sound, but weren’t the sun and moons supposed to move or is that only when we put it in at the time.