Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


Fair enough 030


Glad to have you back, and glad to hear the four of you are safe, buddy.


well, good to see you’ve returned.
We were all worried.
I was worried.

im happy they’re all safe. I hope they can stay safe, for their sakes and ours.

may you be protected in your search, and may you find your way back to this forum and to safety.
The stars go with you, and we do too.


Hey @Marty.60 is back! You don’t know me but I read about you… (you’re more like a legend to me than an actual person). I’m happy that I finally get to change that perception!



Oh my gosh, I didn’t believe it was actually you at first. I am so relieved you are all okay. I didn’t realize how worried I was until I reread your post. (First read through all I thought was omg omg omg Marty is okay Marty is okay, the others are safe!)

Smart thinking laying low, and that token was a blessing! You’ve always got something up your sleeve.

I know it’s not great that you’ve been chased by the storm this whole time, but it really is great to hear back from you FINALLY.


Whoah, @Marty.60… the gang’s getting back together.

So I went to The Ramble yesterday, but it’s closed for restoration. The whole place is blocked off by chainlink fences. There are workers and security all around. Honestly, it seems weird how much security was surrounding part of a park.

So I went back really early this morning and snuck in. I found where the cave used to be, and there’s a new entry in the journal. I’m gonna leave that for Dee to decide what she wants to share and when, but you know what else I found?

Sitting right on top of the rocks where the cave entrance used to be?

The compass. It must’ve jumped off when the book flew over the park (things I never thought I’d say.) It’s just been there waiting for us.

It dragged me all around the park, and I wrote down everywhere it took me.

Starting at the Ramble it took me to the Alice in Wonderland statue, then the Bow Bridge, then to Strawberry Fields, over to Cherry Hill, the obelisk at the north part of the park, and then to Summit Rock.

I hope this helps. Dee’s gonna transcribe anything important from the journal and then I guess we’re off to Neithernor with the new knock (if she wants me to come.)

Mountie Motivation Fitness Challenge

I think we might have our new Fletcher Dawson combination in there! Thanks for the update!


Thanks @CRSumner!!! Now we can try out the new code, hopefully it will work!


Time to get mapping! Well Done @CRSumner


Thanks Cole!


thanks cole. Your help is greatly appreciated! time to get to work.


Is the obelisk at the north Cleopatra’s Needle?


I think so. I’m getting South East/Thornmouth, West/Weatherwatch, West/Weatherwatch, South East/Thornmouth, North East/Flinterforge and Southwest/Balimora, but no spinning when I input it into the Chronocompass on Fletcher’s site.



I think your missing one @Augustus_Octavian. There should be 7, dont forget the ramble counts


I don’t know, I think The Ramble is the starting point. The first location after that would be the first direction, in this case… southeast?


I added a NW/Gossmere, but it still doesn’t rotate. I also tried substituting Northwest/Gossmere for the third direction (Bow Bridge to Strawberry fields) but still nothing.


So we might need what ever is in the journal entry


I’m looking at a vertical view of the park, which shifts all the locations a little. West becomes southwest, etc.

Edit: Also, it’s the shape of a door in that view which is unnerving.

Edit Edit: I told you I’d still be around.


It depends on if we need to go off true north or not. Id say we try the vertical one this time and see what happens