Pre-Fragment 15: Unlock the Chronocompass


Here is Knatz’ response to us on 27 August, when Fragment 14 was found and the next set of coordinates was revealed that will help us to unlock the Chronocompass on Fletcher Dawson’s website, here.

Here is the new location for all discussion and speculation post-Fragment 14 and pre-Fragment 15.


I would love to just enjoy the accomplishment for a little bit but do you think we should be letting Cole and Deirdre know the new coordinates? We don’t know how or who we will get connected with next, if there are time jumps or not, so the sooner we can re-unlock (I think I just made that up) the Fletcher Dawson site, the better


You’re completely right.

@CRSumner, are you tracking? We will leave Deirdre a message as well just in case.


I’m a bit in shock right now… These last two Fragments have just flown straight by…


It has definitely been a unique and disorienting set of challenges, with more lore than we can really begin to absorb now. Things are picking up, but I think that’s mostly because we’re feeling the pressure. We were always low on time, and it’s still ticking down.


Yeah, @CRSumner, to add to what Dey just wrote, hopefully you and/or Deirdre would be able to lend a hand (for old times sake? :wink: ). I hate to just assume that you guys will help us, you know? Unfortunately, we are limited on options


(Feels super rude now, but I will say that it’s late and I’m quite tired.)

For sure, we don’t just automatically expect y’all to do this. But at least we figured you’d want to know where we stand.


Can I say that if feels like we’re on a clock now and time is slowly running out for the 96 Mountiees? Because that’s what it feels like.


You ain’t wrong. But we’ve already changed things. We’ve already done something. Augie told us, when Marty spoke to him at the mental hospital, that fragment 12 is as far as anyone has made it. And now we’re on the hunt for fragment 15.

We have to work fast, that’s a must.

But we are making a difference.


Sooooo we’re probably not going to be in Knatz’ dreams anymore. Maybe we won’t even be in contact with her next time :scream:


Knatz may “blow our cover” with Augie - if so, I think we’ll have some serious explaining to do; but I agree with the sentiment that’s been echoed here before that being up front and honest with the '98’s will make things easier in the long-term.


I’m wondering who, if no more dream recordings, we will be talking too. Knatz had a list of all the active/still alive Mountaineers so I would be guessing it’s one of them.


This is what popped up when I searched the coordinates.


That’s not ominous at all…


If this is like last time we got coordinates then we can assume that Fletcher’s site will stop working


I’ve been thinking about this too. 2017 Augie said “They came for us at twelve, remember?” so we may be changing time, or he may have meant that fragment 12 is when the Storm first showed up and then slowly picked them apart like we’ve been watching through Augie and Knatz.

I would love to think we’re changing time but I’m not sure.


I never noticed that. Had he said 'They came for us at twelve…’? If he was talking about the Storm, wouldn’t he have said ‘It’? Or if he heard it talk maybe ‘he or she’. But they implies he knows there are more elements at play here.

I have no idea if we are changing the past, or if this is the way it always went down. But it’s utterly fascinating to watch. Sorry that sounds cold, I know they’re freaking out in the past, but it’s still interesting.


An idea was that the Strom was a sworm of captured souls, so “They” might be the right way to say it.


Um, the ‘what will you send?’ prompt came back on the Chronocompass page.

We can still send something to Knatz? I was not expecting that.

Thoughts on what to send? Oh and has anyone told Deidre to go check out the Ramble or the Ramble Cave yet on her blog?


Just a crazy and probably very wrong thought but maybe it’s knatz that has to go to the location instead.