Pack Your Bags


As part of the Balimoran safety committee I have to inspect said items.

brings down glass


I’ll bring some Jameson just incase :blue_heart:


Ah, yes, well … you see the alcohol is for first aid purposes. It helps to uh sterilize a wound should one occur. That is definitely why everyone has some in their bag.


Oh most definitely! Purely for medical purposes only :wink:


Oh for sure stuffs minis in bag Just… uh, being a good Gossmere. Gotta bring enough for everyone ya know? :joy:


Yes, definitely. cracks open a bottle and pours a glass


As a fellow choreomancer, id bring my guitar, a handgun (cant go wrong with something reliable, 1911?), hunting knife, journal, vials and herbs along with my trusty mortar and pestle, and a hooded cloak (warmth and anonymity).


My carpet bag. And a towel. (Always bring a towel :wink:)


Towels are important!


I would probably have journals, a bunch of pens, knives, tea, flint, my backpacking pack, a tent, sleeping bag, clothes (windbreaker, knit navy blue hat, hiking boots, flannel, etc.), lantern/torch, camping stove and food, and, if possible, my familiar.




F*** it, just run around buck naked with knives. That’ll protect ya