Pack Your Bags


I’d bring one backpack, the one I got from an Army for surplus store, and a butt pack.
I’d bring with me.
3 knives: Fixed blade, folding, and a multi tool.
A custom first aid kit (I do alot of backpacking and extreme hiking, so I have alot of custom stuff.)
Journal along with writing and drawing equipment
Water purification tablets
MREs, enough for 3 days
Paracord wrist watch
Strong, light paracord; about 10 feet
2 flashlights: hand and head with extra batteries
2 canteens; one on hand, one for emergency
A lighter, and Flint & steel
Extra set of clothes
Enchanted map, show me my immediate surroundings in a 20 mile radius, also can zoom in and out
Sleeping bag


You know this thread could also be used to prepare for the Zombie Mounty Apocalypse! :wink:


My list matches most peoples.

Canteen of water
Swiss army knife
Several lighters
Hand axe
Two pairs of clean underwear
50 feet of rope
2 vials of holy water
10 ft pole


I want to know if any modern technology would work there. Would battery operated items still work?
That’s why I decided to bring a crank flashlight. Assuming of course that earth plane physics works in the magiqal land of Neithernor…


i would also have a small set of throwing knives, a boot knife, a belt knife, a holstered Hatchet, and my Sentinel’s bow and quiver. cause i like being prepared.


Deeds mentions taking a photo with her phone but it turned out blank. I’d assume that to mean her phone at least would turn on and go to the camera app.

So on a basic level it seems like tech works just has trouble capturing the world there.


A ten foot pole, you say…what do you intend to poke with it? Or do you have another use for it in mind?


The usual things. Checking for quicksand, water depth, pit traps.

Edit: Also, balancing across tightrope, impromptu lean-to, attempting to grab a set of keys the jailor puts just out of reach from us in our jail cell, etc.


Go with about a walking stick about your own height. Makes it easy enough to carry around and effective enough to use in any situation.


I would bring these items
-Multi Tool

  • Fire starter
    -Small tent
    -a decent amount of MRE’s
    -Playing Cards


I’m glad us Mounties know how to be prepared, for fun in the sun, exploring, the apocalypse; we got it down. My way of saying I doubt my list would have anything that wasn’t already said.

Sidesalt: For all of you who specified bringing MRE’s, I’m still super upset they got rid of the Chicken Pesto Pasta. Looked like barf in a bag, but it was delicious. Now I’m forced I settle for spaghetti in meat sauce or Pork Sauage Patties.


Would it be unwise of me to try and sample whatever plants are growing there? I have fair knowledge of what’s edible in our dimension but I’m a little unsure about the safety of eating magiq vegetables. I mean I want to study them too of course, not just eat them, but I’m hungry and should really be eating instead of writing.


Keep a healer near.


I, as a Balimoran, will do it for you. You can catalogue what happens.


That’s why I always have a plant identification guide. You can assume magiqal plants are still subject to evolution, physics, and chemistry. As they are still plants. So you can still identify the key indicators of most toxins and determine edibility.

If not, there’s still trial and error.


Would it be really lazy of me if I say I’ll just bring my crew bag?? That bad boy has everything in it


Including all the alcohol??


Pack one for me too? I’ll shop around for snacks and drinks!


Ask no questions Smurfette and I’ll tell you no lies :wink:
Sounds like a plan Chordie! Would anyone else like one??


raises hand