Pack Your Bags


I think my stuff would be a combination of the things that others have suggested. I would bring my yellow canvas satchel to carry all of my things. I would bring the following:

A water bottle
A Journal, and surveying tools (@Brendon, you beat me to it on that one. I think it’s a great idea)
A flint and steel
Some smalls snacks, like granola and peanuts
A First Aid kit
A knife, for whatever I would need it for
A light jacket

I’d also walk about with a walking stick as well, probably carved of Rowan.

Edit: I added rope. You can never go wrong with some rope.


Hey, I got us covered. I can supply the, er… supplies, you and @OracleSage provide the magiq affinity


Well the mapping sounds like a great task for a Balimoran and a Weatherwatcher (and whoever else), so it makes sense that we bring the mapping/surveying gear


I think I would focus on setting up shop somewhere, maybe help rebuild the Gosspound if its truly there. Some place those in need of a nights rest and a warm meal could call home.
That isnt to say I wouldnt be traveling around a bit first, id see some sights before I was ready to settle down.


Packing twins all the way. I should probably bring my hiking/camping pack!
[bed roll, small tent, crank flashlight (that should still work in Neithernor), natural hygiene items, small towel]


Who needs a bed roll when you can tie yourself to a tree and use your jacket as a blanket?


So let’s just bring two hammocks and I’ll weathermancy the rain away!


We could all just snuggle up in the warren, since that’s how it sounds like you get there, anyway.


Both of these are excellent ideas, though I think chey’s might be better if you have any cartographers exploring alone in the wilderness.


I know this isn’t part of this thread but top of things we shouldn’t bring to Neithernor would definitely have to be Steve!


Steve would be an excellent exploring companion :joy:


Yes but you’d also have loads of antlers and even more chaos :joy:


Yeah… let’s not tell Steve about this.


Maybe someday, when this is all over, we’ll be able to just pop into Neithernor and hang out. We’d all be uber confused trying to figure out who was who. :joy:

I’d absolutely love that.
Go explore something new with all my friends.


One day! I think it be fun, all meeting in the Warren or wherever, and just having to introduce yourself to everyone. We could do one of those introduction games they teach us at theater camp!
" Hi everyone, I’m oblivious Oracle" and so on and so on… :sweat_smile:


That would be a great first game to play! Pin the name on the Mounty!


I think it will be easy to determine which one is me, I will be the one looking for the Neithernor brand Toaster, with Eggos in hand

EDIT: @Augustus_Octavian took it one way, I went the other :wink:


Don’t worry, I’m the good looking one with the great sense of humor. You can’t miss me.


I have two bags. One for Backpacking and one for day trips (which is actually a bag of holding)
Backpacking Bag:
• 2 Person tent
• Strike anywhere matches
• A pocket knife
• A multitool
• My hammock
• Toiletries (shampoo, soap, TP, a shovel)
• A lantern and candles
• A small campstove with small pot set and fuel
• Some extra clothes, lots of extra socks
• Some chalk
• Extra small things
• Rope
• First aid kit
• Water purification tablets
• A lighter
• A bottle opener.
Day Trip Bag:
• Playing Cards
• Tarot cards
• A bag of dice
• Moleskine Notebooks and Sketchbook
• Pens, Pencils, chalk, charcoal, and pastels
• Miscellaneous crystals (enchanted pocket to have just what I need from my collection)
• My Iron Bird
• Trail mix/Gorp
• 3 bottles
o One full of water
o One with Iced Tea
o One with something else
• Small glass jars and bottle
• A Lighter
• My Hearthstone.
• Runes
• Other small things


Sounds fun to me :innocent: