Pack Your Bags


Now that the door to Neithernor is ajar… Im curious, what would you bring with you?
I think I will be bringing a few select items.
In my leather bag I will pack:
My lucky Tigers Eye necklace
A bronze dagger (I dont condone violence but I don’t condone dying either)
My ukulele (Gonna drop some sick Choreomancy beats)
My poloroid camera
And a journal
and the awesome jacket @Revenir made me!

So what about you? What would you bring with you into Neithernor?


I’ll be bringing a backpack or my canvas tote.
In it will be:
a multi tool
1 metal water bottle
snacks for me
treats for all the creatures I encounter
a journal and trusty pencil
a film camera or my mountain dulcimer (these are nonessential but may be useful)

And of course I’d be wearing a light jacket because my grandma didn’t raise a fool!

edit: for clarification


A trip to Neithernor sounds awesome! The things I’d bring with me would be:
Camping and walking gear as I don’t know how long ill be there or what the terrain will be like
My DSLR camera to build up a photographic record
A journal for written reports and thoughts
Utility tool
Pen knife for safety
Backpacks for my stuff and all the cool relics I find


I would bring a backpack, my journal, a camera, and smoke powder just in case I need to defend myself


I’m not sure I want to go there yet. It may not be our place yet.

If I were to go now, I’d take journal and pencils, tin whistle and water. Some fruit perhaps and a waterproof coat and blanket. Oh and string.


I suddenly feel very frivilous in my packing XD

@MissEvansI am for sure not suggesting we go any time soon, but Im hoping it happens one day!


Do you reckon when we eventually go do you think i’ll be allowed to bring my dog?


I now have incentive to buy a cat stroller…


I dont run the gates of Neithernor, but I don’t see a problem there!! Always good to keep company while exploring new worlds


I have a big grey felt messenger bag (currently being used as my manly diaper bag - I’d empty it for the occassion) that I’d pack with healthy rations like trail mix and dried fruits. I’d also pack a grill lighter, a notebook, several pencils, a length of rope, and a couple of pre-filled water bottles. I’d pack a bar of soap. I would probably also bring a utility knife. I’d carry a large wooden walking staff with me, too.

Unlike your garden-variety nature-hike turned camping trip, since magiq runs thick there, I would probably bring a medium-sized bag of sea salt and some chalk for protective circles (@Leigha and @MissEvans - style). I might bring at least something small made out of cast-iron too.

Edit: Oh, and a bathing suit. Can’t ever be too prepared to have fun!


Ill have you know camping and hiking is a very serious business! Only wusses camp in their garden! :wink:


Well unlike the others, I will be packing waffles and pizza pockets (nothing healthy here). Heat source for toasty waffles and cooked pizza pockets TBD. That sounds like a good job for “Neithernor Brendon”. After I get the most important things out of the way, I would want to bring supplies to start mapping Neithernor, and exploring the landscape. With that, hiking boots, hiking gear, don’t know how far and in what I will be hiking in order to map the land. And survival supplies (bandages, rope, etc.), just in case

Also bathing suit is a must, can’t let @Augustus_Octavian have all the fun.


OML a map of Neithernor!!! How cool would that be!


I can’t believe I forgot about first aid! :scream:


Just make sure you have a Gossmerim with and your first aid is taken care of :wink:


Me and Augo got first aid covered! Theres a reason people keep us Gossmere around :wink:


Aye @cheyyyme gets it! Goss first aid just cant be beat!


I have an olive satchel for my day trips and a pre-packed camping bag.

The camping bag would stay at whatever campsite I’d establish and the satchel would be my travel bag.

The camping bag always contains -
Fire starters
Camping stove
Travel Cookset
Travel Utensils
Sleeping bag
2 person tent
Folding Knife
Plant Identification Guide
First Aid Kit
Water Purifier and Filter

I’d, of course, pack a large amount of clothing so I could spend an extended period of time there.


Obviously Vic is thinking ahead for the both of us :sweat_smile:
May have to add some more practical things to my bag once I get to work.


I absolutely cannot believe I forgot first aid supplies. I have a sick first aide kit that I’d obviously have to tote along.