Out of Touch


Sorry I’ve been so out of touch on the forum and Discord lately. I’m just really focusing on making sure the last few weeks of TMP go off without a hitch, and ensuring all the post-TMP stuff is ready to go.

But I’m still reading EVERYTHING. :eye::eye:


Don’t apologize! You’re doing this for us!


That’s okay. You’re making sure everything works. That’s how it’s supposed to be. As long as your eating plenty of cookies everything should be good.


Uh oh! Everything? :grimacing:


Its alright CJ! We know the god pharaoh is still with us :eyes:


Ahhh CJ, don’t use those creppy eyes. :joy:

But seriously - don’t worry about us, just take care of yourself while you land this plot plane! We all know how hectic this must be for you.


Don’t worry about us, we’re all patiently waiting for this next era of TMP, or in my case trying desperately.


It’s fine.