Our Guild house

I’ve been seeing alot of the other guilds do this so I thought, “Ehh, why not?” What’s some ideas you have for the Guild house for Balimora?


I’m breaking my silence for this. But I’ll be posting about 2 Balimoran lodges I’ve stumbled upon. Tomorrow. I promise.


Alright @Balimora (and I apologize if by tagging all 52 registered members I annoyed some of you, but I wanted all your attention.) 5 tried to get the ball rolling months ago and now we should probably spell out since we’re trying to virtually live in it in PRSFNE and all.

I’ve been sort of muddling through a world in my head that’s a mish mash of every ones suggestions that I remember. If I forgot yours. Just write it off as me being dense, and please remind me of your idea because I want to incorporate them.

Nothing I’m about to say is cannon for us yet. It’s just how I’ve made sense of all our ideas. I’m not married to almost any of these ideas except the Hollow my room is in. That’s my baby, but we can move it anywhere. I think everyone should be 100% free to have their corner of the Balihouse set up to their almost perfect liking, within reason of course.

Once enough of us mold, change and like a set up we can all basically agree to it. Then we can set forth being chaos and break all of it in game. :wink:

Here’s my overview on my thoughts. I’ll put my reasoning on each and attributes next to each.

I’ll also add things we need with big TODO markers so people know where we especially need them to jump in.

General Description / Possible history

Balihouse sits on the border of a verdant forest and wild jungle. (I did this cause half of us describe the environs as forest, half as jungle.)

Balihouse clearly has a man made component, as the entry through a door brings people into a room, I call the Entry Hall. We also have a giant tree seen in the picture for the Castle. (I use ‘Castle’ to describe the Balihouse entirely, tree, entry Hall, basement, etc.)

My thinking is the first Balimora built a building to be a base near the great tree they found here. A proper Castle. However, either time, magiq or both happened and the tree grew larger and larger eventually encompassing most of the building. In my mind now maybe only 1/4 or 1/5 of the original building is visible from the outside world, mostly just the ground floor. There are doors and windows there to the outside world on some walls, and that’s the primary access most people use to go from the Door, into Balihouse, and then out into the wilds are through these doors in the Entry Hall.

This would allow us to have things like hallways in the tree, maybe the tree as it grew even took and moved entire rooms or hallways to different parts of the tree. This also allows us to have a lot of ‘lost’ rooms in parts of the tree we can find later.

I figured that’s a start. How’s this sound and who wants to add/change/blow it up? It’s a group effort.

Looking forward to it!


This sounds awesome Robert! Haven’t really been around to rp much lately (and I wouldn’t know what i was doing much anyway lol), but this sounds exactly as I’d picture Balihouse. The 2 different types of surroundings seem to mirror the dual aspect of the guild, and I can almost imagin one side being particularly calm, and other a bit of a death trap (which one is which at any one moment is entirely up to us :wink: )


Your and 5’s first steps into the guild house really set the tone, so you’re a core part of this house. I went back and reread the first day before doing this and I don’t want to miss any of anyone’s additions.

I like that view of the surroundings representing the 2 light/dark aspects of nature. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Thanks! And don’t worry about not knowing what you’re doing. None of us do. We’re just faking it. It’s still fun.


Now that’s exactly how I saw it also! A castle with a tree grown over it to the point the majority of it is covered. The bottom levels of the Castle are made up of the original parts but the higher level are “maqiced” into the tree, creating rooms, hallways, etc.