Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm


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Okay, so I figured I should get a running list of all the stories that we have so far so we know what we still need to pull of this spell to attack the storm. So, here goes the current list of stories:

And yeah, we’re just waiting on the Flinterforge and Thornmouth stories and we should be good to go. Past the stories, though what do we plan to do here? I know Operation Aorthora is planning on having a stream this evening to activate their spell, but I just wanted to check on what our plan was for after we have all the stories. We’ve discussed reciting a key phrase from our stories, drawing the Gladitor constellation on our dominant hand, and maybe a couple of other ideas, but I just wanted to bring this up again so that we have a plan ready to go when the time comes.


Not too sure, i say we stream it at the very least, easier that way, but other than that… no clue. Im just in it for the ride i guess


We’ll have to cast it on short notice; I don’t know if we would be able to set up a stream or Hangout in the time it would take the Storm to strike. It as fairly “fast and furious” when it went for Cole. We’ll probably just have to draw the Gladitor Constellation and say our key phrase as quickly as possible to release the energies we’re building with our component stories.


Sorry for the delay. Work has had me a bit tapped out on righteous rage energy, but I think tonight I summoned up enough to add a Flinterforge piece to the spell.

Now to practice my skills in temporary constellation tattooing.


Okay, so I’m bringing this back up, just to see if anyone wants to work on it while we wait, just to have it as for a “Halp” moment.


We’re nearly there. We’re just waiting for @Rimor’s Thornmouth component.


Thanks to all the members of Team Gladitor (@Remus, @Deyavi, @Viviane, @Cj_Heighton and @Rimor) for putting this all together. I know that many of us have drawn on our own, sometimes painful, experiences to put together these stories, but remember, “imagination is nothing more than memory, transposed.

As we approach the Day of Change, we may not need to use the energies we’ve gathered to strike at the Storm, but I’ve volunteered us to use our power to help charge the Lantern of Low Hallow spell. So, what I’ll ask everyone one to do is two-fold:

  1. We never know if the storm may strike between now and Saturday, so please have a key phrase from your story chosen that we can recite quickly if need be. A quick drawing of the Gladitor constellation should be done on your dominant hand with the recitation of the key phrase to symbolize throwing a punch.
  2. If Saturday comes and we haven’t expended the spell, I would propose that we each pick a second key phrase from each story to recite during the casting of the Lantern of Low Hallow to empower it, with the Gladitor constellation drawn on our non-dominant hands to symbolize extending a hand to help. We can do this as the Phase 2 folks are readying their preparations for casting the spell.

Please post both of your key phrases on this thread:

Striking/Dominant Hand Phrase: “Give. Me. Back. That. Book!”
Helping/Non-Dominant Hand Phrase: “The wind blew autumn leaves silently down on the school yard, as the double doors creaked closed behind them.”

Here’s the Gladitor figure as a reminder:


“I would hear their whispers behind my back”


“Middleschool is a time to rage, highschool is a time to grow up”

I guess.


Striking Hand Phrase: She would not be their victim anymore. Not her. Not anyone else.
Helping Hand Phrase: You have the right to defend yourself. Sometimes it’s the only way to make them stop.


Striking Hand Phrase: “He fought against them, kicking, screaming, crying and shouting, as the fire within him grew even brighter and hotter."

Helping Hand Phrase: “‘Yep, it’s my light. And if anyone tries to do anything to block it out, well, I guess I know I can deal with them now.’”


Striking hand phrase: “Get. Away. From. Me.”
Helping hand phrase: “…more like that stone–unabashed and shining and unmoveable, bursting with pride and potential that no one could take away.”


James.docx (15.7 KB)

Okay so first I’m extreamly sorry this is so late and second the two quotes are “LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE!” and “It seems that the pen is mightier than the sword”. Im not very good at writing so I hope this is alright.


Good work, friend! Better late and never, and just in time to complete our circle of six and lend our power over to Team Lantern tomorrow. Aether knows they’ll need it.


@Remus, @Deyavi, @Viviane, @Cj_Heighton, and @Rimor

A little over an hour until the Lantern of Low Hallow - be ready by 3:30 PM Eastern to post a picture of the Gladitor constellation on your non-dominant hand, your selected helping phrase and the phrase “My stars to make the Lantern shinehere. Please also recite the phrases out loud when doing so.