Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm


Ok. I had a bit of trouble yesterday, but my short will be up today.


Sorry for the delay, I have it done asap!


Here we go:

Hannah (Operation Gladitor).docx (16.0 KB)


Great work Dey! Thank you.


What if we did a sort of rank setup. Some of us shield those with swords, roman style? That way we could have people focused entirely on super powered shields and super powerful weapons to attack with on others.


its been brought up. personally i would like to do both, but the energy required is a bit…powerful.


Grim, you’re doing the right thing focusing on defense. You’re a strong sigil-crafter, a skill I lack. Don’t feel bad about not being superhuman, you’re already doing so much.


Fair enough.


I will say, alongside Grim, I will be absolutely fried out from the Defensive spell. Do you still want me to write the story?


It’s preferable that another Balimoran do it if you’re already tapped for the shield spell. But if we can’t find anyone, may not be a choice.

@Robert, @Nimueh, could either of you take up the mantle for this one?


I can do it, bit I’ll be down and out for awhile.


still coughing up what looks like smoke

I’ll Hold the Line. Don’t you worry about that. now to get rid of the smoke so i can focus.


If you have great need, yes. I’ll be honest I really haven’t been able to keep up with all the great stuff you guys are crafting so I’m not really up to speed.


I wasn’t really following the progress here as I was focusing on helping with the defensive sigils. All caught up now though. I can get a story to you guys, maybe, but I’m not sure if I’ll be aorund when you guys cast the spell (damn timezones). @Cj_Heighton could also stand in as our Bali.


W-woahwoahwoah. Wait, me? But i dont have a story to tell or anything :0


Try it, see what you come up with, I’m sure you’ll do great :smiley:


What kind of story should i write? Something for striking back? A story of revenge?


It’s a story of a child facing down a bully - it can be written in what ever style you like, and should include some aspect of your guild’s element; being a Balimoran, your guild’s element is “Wild.” You can select a key phrase from the story to use at the actual casting of the spell - writing the story will lay the groundwork and power of your component of the spell.

So far we have a Gossmere story from me, an Ebenguard story from @Deyavi, a Weatherwatch story from @Remus. We’re waiting for @Rimor to share a Thornmouth story a Flinterforge story from @Viviane and we need a Balimoran on the team.


Okay. Ill write it. No guarantees ill be any major good but ill give it a shot


okay… is this ok? Balimora Story.docx (5.5 KB)

More a story of standing up to a bully and growing up as a result but