Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm


Ya, I agree. It all depends on who goes first and when the second one happens. I can do both if the second spell is roughly 29 hours after the first. Both of these spells will require a massive amount of maqic from the casters.


I’m down to help supply energy on the Shield. I’m gonna be ready to fight with my own armaments, but my base energy is going to be about holding the shield up.


Perfect. I don’t want anyone spreading themselves too thin. The goal is to free you up to focus on your primary task… but be prepared.


i cant help via the online chat bits, but i can at least make things, and stand as a lightning rod if need be


We’ve already seen what happens when people make themselves into lightning rods, @grimangel53. We won’t let you suffer that same fate.


Aye. The goal is for all of us to make it intact.


i see that, and know it. but we must be ready to take hits when it’s needed.


Oh, I agree. I believe it’s the nature of most of us here coughespeciallyEbenguardcough to be willing to sacrifice for each other.


its so true it hurts.
like really.
It is a thing.


You’ll be as useful as a chocolate fireguard if you throw yourself at the storm! :joy:


Random middle of the night flash of inspiration:

Rather thank weapon, when the time comes we should each draw a quick Gladitor symbol onto the back of our dominant hands and speak our key phrases into the hand clenched into a fist.


Okay, I’m going to try and finish up my story for this, but I wanted to ask: Augo, do you have a key phrase for your story?

Also, I think drawing the Gladitor symbol on the back of our hands (dominant or otherwise) would be a pretty good idea…


I did chose a key phrases: “Give. Me. Back. That. Book!


I’ll have my short story up by the end of the as well.


Best phrase ever!


I should have my story up, too. Sorry for going AWOL.
Back of our dominant hand means we’re drawing the symbol with our weaker hand, correct? Could you describe the magiqal intention there a little more? I’m trying to gauge the effectiveness of having a neatly-drawn symbol on the non-dominant hand versus a messier one on the dominant hand.


Which hand do you feel more confident throwing a punch with?


Okay, I’ve got my story finished, and you can find it here. Feel free to leave comments here, I’ll try to get to them after I sleep since I feel pretty drained right now.

Key Phrase: “‘Yep, it’s my light. And if anyone tries to do anything to block it out, well, I guess I know I can deal with them now.’” OR “He fought against them, kicking, screaming, crying and shouting, as the fire within him grew even brighter and hotter.” (Please help me pick, I think they both have promise, but I’m not sure which one is best).


Great work, @Remus! I think either of the phrases would work really well.


Hey Team Gladitor - let’s get our spell components out there as soon as we can! We need to be prepared for when the storm threatens us or our friends, which could be literally at any time.