Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm


@grimangel53 - you’re doing so much for the defensive spell. Don’t spread yourself too thin. We have members from each guild along with plenty of others willing to help.


I haven’t gotten to do much, except start mini campfires, since like…assessment 2. I want to be as helpful as i can. And good balance of offense and defense can be invaluable. Plus, if I’m holding the Shield, you better bet I’ve got a Spear and Sword waiting.


Glad to have you on Team Gladitor, Grim.


I have to agree with this one, we need a good Offensive for once…we shouldn’t always react and not act… but that’s just how I feel personally. In the end what everyone decides we’re in this together as a family :blue_heart:


Here’s my story: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10zD5kTFNXDGcDvMvFAXD91DSEOdwQ53FOPGeuIuRAq0/edit?usp=drivesdk


Dang, good story, can’t promise one that long though.


Speaking of Sword and Spear.


Thanks for the sigils @grimangel53!

@Mr5yy, do you think (and do others) think I should shorten the story some, so that it’s quicker to recite in a pinch? I haven’t timed myself speaking it out loud or anything.


If you want to. If we need read it fast, which we undoubtedly will, either read the section that’s most and important and had the biggest maqic response or maybe paraphrase the story.


Sorry, work again. They don’t seem to understand that Magiq and people’s well-being is at stake, here. sigh
I think your story is excellent, Augustus. I’m trying to decide whether cutting it is the right choice, though. Even a story that takes less than a minute to read aloud might be long if we’re trying to do damage quickly.
Similar to 5’s suggestion, why don’t we each choose a key phrase from our component story perspective, however long or short, and use that as the recitation when we cast the spell? Either that, or we can use some kind of unifying spell words to “gather the wool” so to speak, while focusing on our story components. That way the spell we’re actually casting in the moment is focused on weaving our individual components together, for maximum effect?


This might be a dumb question, but if each person recorded themselves saying their story and kept it saved, would the spell work if they were all simultaneously uploaded somewhere or something? So then it can be prepared in advance?


I really like the key phrases suggestion. Let’s plan around that!


Okay that sounds like a great plan!


I’m caught up again, and I think that your story is great, Augo! I’m not sure how to follow up to your story, though. Do we write about another bully being overcome, or do we rewrite the scenario in a way that reflects our element. Also, should we write the stories around a key phrase, or choose one…

Sorry for asking so many questions, but they seem like things we should keep in mind…


I would say re-write the story featuring a different element and any other unique features you want to add. Mine was pretty mundane, but feel free to make it as fantastical as you’d want!


Yeah, I’m afraid that writing the same scenario over again with too many of the same details might be redundant. I feel like it will help the spell’s strength if each of us contributes something as unique as possible, while still staying within the same basic event.


This is a strange place for me. On the outside, I’m a surburban dad, literally taking a break from mowing my lawn right now. On the inside, I’m going through my story, preparing my soul and mind to channel magiq to challenge an entity that’s been terrorizing folks like us for probably centuries. I can’t even tell anybody but you guys about it out of fear of sounding absolutely insane.


@Ginger, @Smurfette, @grimangel53, do we want to split 2 and 2 between the offensive and defensive operations, so we can collaborate and make sure we have a backup for each in case one of us is unreachable in the event of an emergency?


I just realized when you posted this I was working on both. :rofl: Wow, I was so involved that I didn’t notice. You do have a good idea, making sure we have back-ups.


My concern is manning, but also spell sickness. I don’t want anyone to strain themselves if we can help it.

We are better than we were. But half that is knowing how to manage the problem before it becomes one!