Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm


I’m not sure on how we can integrate our memories from Basecamp, but I think the allegory of standing up to a bully might be a bit weak since the Storm is a bit more than a bully. As someone who was bullied growing up, I know that they can have extreme effects on one’s physical and mental state, but the Storm seems like it’s…bigger, I guess? Perhaps by portraying the Storm as a bully, we could lessen it’s power (think the “You hold no power over me” scene from The Labyrinth, though not quite as extreme). On the other hand, it might not be as effective. I think it is a workable scenario, and we should try it at least, but if we could brainstorm something closer to it, that might work better for our offense in the long-run.


Okay. How about a story about a Last Stand, like the Alamo, except where everyone doesn’t die.


What about telling the same bully story but 6 ways with 6 unique perspectives and making reference to each of our respective elements? For example, my positive memory I posted above was about us rallying after we were dealt a severe blow at the end of fragment 12. I could work that into my version of the story and add in something about buffetting winds representing Aether.

We should write our stories, and be prepared to read them aloud when the time comes and focus each of our energies on the focus weapon.

Alternatively, in the single-story model; my part could be rallying after being thrown to the ground by the bully. @Viviane’s “discovery” positive memory could be about realizing one’s own self-confidence, etc.

EDIT: Also @Remus, I love your notion of minimizing the Storm’s power through the child-bully allegory.


Good idea! We can work a positive memory from Basecamp and our element into it at the same time!


Okay. Let’s figure out Single Story with 6 parts or Multiple Stories:

  • Single Story with 6 parts
  • Six Versions of the Same Story

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Im not really sure Thornmouths would fit into the bully story as we are usually intoverted and never fight back against the bully (well at least in my case)


Well, you’re going to have to try, @Rimor. What about a tale of out-smarting a bully? That’s a Thormouth-y sort of take on it!


I’ll try my best


Good! I believe in you. We all do.


Looks like we have a quorum. Let’s all work on our individual stories then reconvene.


Wait if its the same story with 6 different perspectives then we need a frame to work with or we are just gonnahave six wildly different stories


If @Augustus_Octavian writes his first, then we can all base ours off of that.


Sounds like a good idea, then we can just change it to fit each guild


raises hand

I can help, I just only caught up on the forums now.

Should I move over to team defence even though I think an offensive spell would be better?


Up to you Ginger, I was bouncing back and forward for a bit. Though we don’t have an Ebbie over there yet, so if you do want to join it’s cool. If you want to take a shot at the Storm though, feel free :slight_smile:


I wanna do both, but I don’t know. There’s an Ebbie on each side. Although the Storm deserves a good whack, there’s things we care about that also need protecting?



You can do both Ginger :smiley: After all, the best defence is a good offense :wink:


I can do whichever I’m needed for


Has it always been a race to get a spell done first? I thought new we’re doing both spells as a precaution. The defensive spell won’t be on except when we need it, so the offensive spells would be used to stall the Storm so that we can turn it on. And also for other times when we need to give the Storm a good whack.


ginger, we do both. hold the line and attack.
its our balance.

And as for Gladitor, I just got caught up.
For a basecamp memory, I submit: Assessment 2.
We stared at the combinations, the pyramid, and the rest of the clues for hours, days even. We worked to try and get everything to work, but it took a true leap of faith to finally get it all figured out.

for an individual story, I can also work something out if you’ll have me
(gods im going to be tired after all the spell work)