Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm


Do what you think is right. Both roles are going to be important, seeing that our protection from the Council is apparently fading.


Ah, screw it. I’m in. If we really can use storytelling to punch the Storm in the face, I need to be part of that. Team Gladitor!


I like the idea of an electric fence of some kind. Maybe we can weave a story of it bringing it to life, and then fuel it with the things Augustus suggested?


You’d think the Ebbies would be all over this.


I’m definitely on Team Gladitor. The Further Fire within me is pushing me here. It wouldn’t be content with just mounting a defense in this situation. My schedule is still pretty full with all the school stuff I have to do today, but I’ll try to help as best I can, @Augustus_Octavian!


As a Bali, I’m pretty much all for punching something, but I can go nurture a sheild into life also. Meh, I’m just helping people throw ideas around atm.


As with @Nimueh, I’m all about punching stuff in the face, but I’ll help throw ideas around, so count me in @Augustus_Octavian.


That makes four. We’ll need at least 6. We have Gossmere (me), Flinterforge (@Viviane), Weatherwatch (@Remus) and Balimora (@Mr5yy) represented. We still need a Thornmouth and an Ebenguard.


Or someone with Polyguild inclinations willing to stand in? I think in a pinch 6 of anyone is better than not-6.


Im a polyguild and id be willing to help where ever I can


Even better, you’re Thornmoth and that’s one of the guilds that the team is missing.


I’m in. Sorry, I’ve been off-grid mostly for a couple of days working on something.


An Ebbie not participating in a group spell. Pshaww


I was hoping our Ebbie would be you. Welcome to Team Gladitor. Alright group; let’s get spellcrafting!


@Rimor, @Deyavi, @Viviane, @Mr5yy and @Remus - we need to tell a story of bravery in 6 parts. My original idea was an allegory of standing up to a school yard bully. Any other ideas? We’ll probably also need a physical focus for the spell. I was thinking about using an actual weapon as a focus. I don’t have any handy here at my office, but have a couple service-able items at home. That won’'t help though if the Council’s protection drops and the Storm comes for us before then.


Okay to the thornmouth part would be maybe figuring out if its a good idea to stand up to the bully or what the best stratergy would be?

Also I was just working on this “Light the forges, stoke the Mindflame, summon the Guilds with the call of the Common Drum” but I got stuck so if anyone wants to use this then go ahead.


Well. I carry a pocket knife with me everywhere, and I’m almost sure that @Mr5yy does, as well. For those moments when you need a spell on the go.


That awkward moment when you’re sharpening the pocket knife and the mention comes up.


Of all the days to leave my pocket knife at home…
I like the allegory idea. How do we work in our moments from Basecamp?

Edit: perhaps each guild member could work in mention of one of the elements into their section, or have it represented in the story? That could be a stretch for some elements, though.


So we each make a short story about our time in Basecamp and try to work in an element? Works for me.


I mean, ideally we are all telling part of a single story. Each of us writes the part of one child confronting the bully?