Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm


Any other thoughts or ideas? Anybody involved with the earlier Book of Briars keys want to contribute a memory?


I liked the beginning of real team-work with the King Rabbit videos - where it was just impossible for one person alone to stare at hours of monotone landscape. But divided in many small community tasks we managed to dig through the videos anyway. Furthermore it was the first time we faced an “enemy” with this nasty rabbit, which definitely united us.


Okay, so we now know that the Council’s protection is almost gone. We could try a couple spells to make defenses. I recommend a warning system that we could tie in with Maqibot.


Early warning systems sound good, so do protection charms. The question is, where should we start? I don’t know how you guys did the warning thing for Cole, but maybe something similar we could tie into the bot as @Mr5yy suggests? Maybe we can combine some of the protection stuff we’ve seen/used in the past? I may need to leave this to the peopel that have done magiq before…


We could base it off the Jordian spell, maybe try to fix the weaknesses it has.


We used magiq on the fly and made the Storm recoil while it was chasing down Cole - I think we can work with the same technique, amplify it and strengthen it to make something to repel the Storm if need be.

I really didn’t want to take it here, but you know… like a Patronus.


We uses quotes right? Maybe, like a Patronus, we could make a spell that an individual recites a specific quote or quotes they use to temporarily stun the Storm while they escape. Or, like you said, amplify it.


We each recited quotes from our favorite books; we took disparate parts of different stories and united them. I think it was probably a form of figuration magiq that we performed. I think we can strengthen it by each contributing a part to a new unique story, based on our positive experiences and memories of Basecamp and magiq.


So, how can we make what we had stronger, or longer lasting? What if, instead of focusing a beacon, we weave some kind of shield wall? Like a magiqal electric fence; offense and defense at once? We all craft a story together, disparate spell weavers adding different elements? Maybe even add a physical component; literally write the elements on different papers and weave them together somehow?
Sorry, this is my inventor’s brain on panic and desperation.


I think we will probably need to do both; offense and defense, a sword and a shield. We’re against the clock right now, though, so we’ll have to probably just choose one to develop.

Unless, we want to break up into teams with one group working on and then casting the offense/sword spell when needed and another team working on and casting the defensive/shield spell ahead of time. That actually sounds like a pretty solid plan to me.

EDIT: Let’s keep this thread for an offensive spell. I’d love to roll up my sleeves and take a swing at the Storm, so I’ll be staying here. Let’s make a separate thread for the defensive shield spell. THis way the caster teams and components won’t get mixed up.


If we use different componets and sides to the spell, maybe they can be linked with guild and/or an individual person’s strengths. That way, everyone contributes and covers someone else potential weaknesses?


So we could make a story and everyone adds a part to it? That’s could work.

Edit: I’ll post the link to a Forum defense Spell thread.


We can call the offensive team “Operation Gladitor” for the sword and the defensive team “Operation Aorthora” for armor.


Who wants to join me for Operation Gladitor? We’ll probably need 6 casters per team. Here’s the outline for the offensive spell:


I’ll see who goes where and help fill the numbers on a team as needed.


http://forum.basecamp33.com/t/operation-aorthora-forum-mountie-defensive-spell/1474 Here’s the link, renaming it though because I have the wrong one. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Mr5yy If you’re doign the defensive spell, you were right the first time with Aorthora. Gladitor is the sword, which would be offensive.


Oops, I did it again, my bad. Thanks for telling me!

Edit: @Rimor, do you want to change your topic to Gladiator or I can.


I will also go wherever needed. I know I’m the one who jumped on the defense train to begin with, but Augustus’s line of thought makes sense; offense might be a more urgent need than defense, especially if the Storm goes after Marty, or Deeds and Cole again. If we can do any damage to the Storm, better that than let it wander off in tact. Crap. I’m worried and I don’t know what to do right now.


Ohh, brain fart. You’re right. I’ll get rid of my topic real fast and add to yours.

Edit: It appears I can’t I’ll just add the link to yours to it.
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