Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


Thank you :wink:
I did this in In Design which is quite neat for such geometrical things.
Reuploaded the version with text.


Wednesday I plan on casting the spell to activate the General Sheild Sigil. How this works is that every guild will take a turn reading their guild’s specific quote or quotes and then read the general sigil’s poem all at once.


while i cant participate, i’ll be providing energy through meditation.

The shield is a creation of mine, so i’ll boost the energy, with what little i can do.


Also eat cookies. They provide maqic boots. And good feelings.


Hey @Crytter or really anyone who is more savvy with image editing software, is there a way to make the Weatherwatch sigil more transparent and able to be added to a profile picture without there being a weird white square around it. As much as I love Sky’s sigil, having the same profile picture could get confusing (unless I’m the only one who identifies others mostly by images).


Ah - I was sure, that I uploaded a png file with transparent background. I can reupload it tomorrow, for the image files are on my working computer prokrastination - and I´m at home now …


I can do that 1 sec


Just be sure that you don’t change the format


Thanks, @Sellalellen, I got it to work from your file! And Crytter, yours showed up as a .JPG when I clicked on it, and it wouldn’t let me save it as anything else, so that’s why I had trouble.


Very strange - it is a png on my device but when I upload it, it turns to a jpg dircetly in the input window… nevermind - @Sellalellen got it to work :wink:


I had to cut out the background of your jpg. Idk why it changes the format for you.


I’ve been keeping tabs on this and you all have done fantastically. I’ve added these to my forum profile. :v:


I printed a copy of the Thornmouth sigil and stuck it in my research notebook with some sage (herb of wisdom and purification) to try and charge it. Might come in handy, and I can use the reserves of magiq i’ve built up in there over time to mitigate potential spell sickness from something of this magnitude.


Btw, was I supposed to stream the Sigil spell? And/or record it. Because now that I look back, I probably should of…


usually thats how it works, but as long as it went off, we’re good


I’d still like to do a recording/streaming with a couple other people. Makes it feel like the spell is working better than with one person.


@Mr5yy Maybe this evening? I’d be interested. 7pm EST?


8pm EST would work better, atleast for me. We could also try for 4pm EST.


I absolutely would do 8pm EST. (I’ll be in class at 4pm EST)

Of course I don’t necessarily need to be there but I can if we do 8!


Ok. I’ll try to setup a stream and then we and who ever else can make it can cast the spell to its fullest potential.