Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


Apologise @Revenir I have zero of your artistic ability, it’s supposed to be on the lenses of a telescope


Oh wow everyone! The sigils are so great - now I want to make a better version of mine.


Okay, so at the end of the day, would it be possible for all who plan to help with this be able to have their sigil made?


Ehhh, I dunno if I can do it by tonight. I’ve got a lot to do today unfortunately. But I will try my best… :sob:


That’s okay. It seems we have a couple more days until the Council’s maqic goes “poof”. If I can atleast have the majority or most of them, maybe we can start casting. I’ll see about making the spell take four days to cast, with specific things to do at different times, and it ending with us reading out individual quotes, then all together reading the poem for the general sigil.


I think mine is ready and maybe I´ll manage do upload a better version in the next days. I surely could participate in not timed tasks, but I am quite sure, that I will not fit into the time scedule for a hangout with the reading due to time zones ^^


No rush, I’ll be home in 7 hrs and can do it :grin:


That’s okay, as long as someone reads, a Goss preferably, the spell will work.


weakly, still unable to completely be functioning due to energy siphoning for spell and the sigils

Howre the preparations going? I havent been able to check today because of the sickness,


They appear to be coming along well. We have almost all the sigils and I’ve begun preparing for the spell.


I was thinking to make the spell stronger you could throw in the motto for the Mountineers “We see the mountain no one sees. We seek the mountain no one seeks.”


Good idea! We could include that with the General Sheild sigil.


Weatherwatch sigil… Will ponder how to art it up


Okay, so here’s the current one!

The general sigil:







Thank @Skylad!!


Sorry 5 the one you’ve got under Flinterforge is one of my prototypes
The shield one is theirs :grin:


Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I’ve done it again!


Okay, the first two candles of the spell have been light. I hope to attempt, along with anyone who is available this Wednesday at 7pm Est, the spell. My reason for this is that I believe that the Council’s protection will expire in the next couple of days and I would, at the very least, like to have the Defensive spell working. Would this be okay?


What would we be doing on Wednesday? I shoukd be available but it would be good to prepare any items needed.


@Skylad I did a colored draft of your sigil, if you should like it, I could add your quote, too.


Wow that’s amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and YES PLEASE!!!
How did you whip that one up?!? Cause pen and paper was a prick of a thing :heart_eyes:
@Crytter love your work