Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


Ok will try to whip something up on my phone :sweat_smile:


Okay. I’m back from teaching all day. Tired, but I can work on a sigil maybe?

@Revenir @Mr5yy


Go ahead. Never hurts to have more than one person from a guild.


I thought you needed an Ebbie still?


You can give us a general idea of what you’d like to see in a weatherwatch charm and we can help you out. :slightly_smiling_face: I know you’re on the move so it’s gotta be difficult to make a sigil, but everyone here is happy to help your creation come to life. :grin:


@Mr5yy I think the one you have under Ebenguard is an early version of Nim’s? But I’m not entirely sure.


You’re right. That means that Ebenguard doesn’t have a sigil just yet.


Im sorry I ran out of time and it’s super rough I’m back at home base in less than 48hrs and will be able to do something better unless @WarriorRose or @Remus can whip something up :sleepy:


That’s super rough?!? What’s good look like?!?


good job sel!


holy crap sky. thats fantastic.

and give me a few moments. I can make one for Ebenguard.

@Revenir , I’m going to need some digital help.


This is mine.

My poem for this one is:

We stand united
Shield to shield
To protect our kin
Til the storm does yield
The golden balance guides
We follow and we ride
Quickly as a fawn
Forward unto dawn.


I love this


This is awesome!!! I know exactly what I’m gonna do for mine when I’m back home :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Im glad so many of you are joined to the cause.

Im going to go and… relax…for a moment.


force feeds cookies to save


If you’re set on a design, then I’ll you to be the Weatherwatch representative for Aorthora! I’m already set on Gladitor, so it would have difficult to balance both. Best of luck, and I look forward to what you come up with. Now to continue working on things for Gladitor…


That looks incredible @Skylad!!!

@grimangel53 Here is the lineart version, I’ll do a colorized version sometime tomorrow when I get the chance.


With a little more detail it’d make a really amazing tattoo :thinking::thinking:


@Revenir if I whip something up can you draw it for me??? Is it easier to PM you or post it here?? (Areplane epiphany :joy:)