Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


Here’s a digitized version! :slightly_smiling_face:


Omg I love it! Now i just have to figure out how to put it on


THAT LOOKS FRICKIN AMAZING! I love the added shiny and the text behind the grey.


Glad you like it! I wanted to incorporate a bit of the color from the lantern in the guild logo. I’ve been mentally calling them the wisps of the mindflame, since it’s the same yellow. :grin:


@Revenir It’s super cool! I really like that idea! And you matched the colors I had in my head perfectly. I wish I could like things more than once… :smile:


10/10 Rev. 10/10


On another note, I was annoyed by the text on the Flintershield, so I made a charm without it:

Gotta get better at dealing with fonts. :disappointed_relieved:


I’m obsessed with these @Revenir !!!


Aww thanks Oracle :two_hearts:

So we still need Ebbies and Weatherwatches. @Smurfette @Ginger @Deyavi @Remus @Skylad @WarriorRose - any of y’all feel like making a sigil? It’s cool if you don’t want to draw, by the way. Just give us a sense of what you want through text and online images and someone here can help translate it into a digital sigil.

Also, same goes for anyone else who’s interested in creating their own sigil. I think the more we have, the better the spell can be, so feel free to keep adding them. And I’m happy to help anyone who needs it. :heart:


@Revenir is the real mvp.


I will help wherever I’m needed. @grimangel53 was planning to man the defensive front for Ebbies, but I would prefer 2 Ebbies to each task, minimum, if possible.

Also, don’t be silly. Your work is amazing.


I also would prefer atleast 2 people from each guild, as a just incase. I also believe that the more sigils we have, the stronger the end result will be.


Time, as it grows old, teaches all things.


I’ve also set the sigil to my phone’s lock screen for personal protection. I encourage anyone else who wishes to do the same. It should keep the Storm out of our phones and perhaps function as if we carried a physical charm with us.


Dont forget laptops and any other electronic communication equipment that can have a background changed or and ID image!


Okay, so a new list of current sigils:

The general Shield sigil:



Unless you want the version without words @Revenir.




Looks like we’re still a guild short. Any Weatherwatch who could make one?


@WarriorRose @Remus @Skylad any of you willing to help out?


Ooooh this looks like my jam but I’m away from my math stuff :fearful: When do you need it??


We dont know yet but soon as the councils protection could fail at anytime.