Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


Sorry, if I’m asleep I don’t get notifications, so I didn’t see this. @Revenir’s looks really good above, but I can give it a Bali feel if ya want? I might mess around with it for a bit until the US wakes :slight_smile:


Beautiful sigils everyone! I think even if they are personal ones the fit the guilds very well, too. So now they cover Balimora, Gossmere and Flinterforge. Maybe it would be good to prepare the ones for Ebenguard, Weatherwatch and Thornmouth - @Ginger, @Sellalellen … no Thornmouth here? - If you would feel like finding a quote for your guild and maybe a rough sketch, how the sigil should look, I could make a digital version over the day - arrrg… you have nighttime over there right now, correct? :wink:


Yes please. Also thank you @Revenir. I actually passed out in my bed after posting this. :rofl:


So here’s our current list of sigil’s! Thanks for making then everyone; and I will be updating the list as more are made.

@grimangel53 This is the General Shield sigil




And mine.


@Mr5yy, What do you think? Any changes to colours or fonts you’d like?


That’s amazing… You did what I imagined when I drew it. Tell me your secret!?!


I am secretly telepathic!

Yeah, nope… I just gussed lol


Okay, so with these sigils, I propose a spellcasting:
We each ready the quote that is on it, than someone reads Grim’s poem Spell. IMG_1206


Is a Thornmouth still needed for the sigil defense? I’m gonna be at the circ desk for a few more hours and it’s Saturday on a college campus so I have plenty of free time!


We still need a Thornmouth charm! As well as Ebenguard and Weatherwatch. Let us know if you’d like assistance digitizing your sigil as well. :grinning:


Yep! We currently have Balimora, Gossmere, Flinterforge, and Ebenguard, so all we need are Thornmouth and Weatherwatch and we’ll have at least one representative from each guild. The more the better as it will help boost the general sigil’s strength.

Edit: @Revenir beat me to it. And now that I look back we still do need an Ebenguard.


Awesome! I’ll get on that. I’ll definitely need help digitizing it though @Revenir
Edit: So I’m seeing two with the sigil and two with constellations and guild signs. Any particular way I should go with that?


It’s up to you what you’d like to include in the charm, but a common theme we’ve tried to keep is the constellations, as well as the two little symbols Grim made. You don’t have to include either of them if you don’t want to, the main focus is the protective element of the charm. As long as you design something that feels defensive (and preferably Thornmouth-y in some way), it should be good. 5 compiled the current sigils here to give you an idea of what we’re looking for, generally.


I tried :sweat_smile:

Quote transcript: " When rivers flooded, when fires fell from the sky, what a fine place the library was, the many rooms, the books. With luck no one found you. How could they!"

The colors and shield format stand for protection and knowledge.

I was going to try to digitalize it in illustrator but I just realized that my subscription ran out and I didn’t notice…


It looks awesome, but might be a bit intricate. What do you think @Revenir, @Nimueh?


Yeah, I have a tendency to overdo things… One sec…


No, you don’t have to edit it. It looks viable to digitalize, just want to make sure those doing it can do it.




Looks good to me! Give me a hot second and I’ll work some photoshop magiq on it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoops! Sorry just read that after I did a quick redesign. If the new one is easier @Revenir feel free to do that one! Thanks a ton!!!