Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


I can’t either, as that’s be 3am. But it doesn’t matter too much, we already have a Bali involved :slight_smile:


@Ginger can you take my place?
that way we have an ebbie in rank?


We don’t have to do it tonight, but during the weekend would be best just because we don’t know when the Council’s protection will fail.


I have the same problem like Nim - won´t be online for long anymore - but I think there will be always 6 who find a time and place together.


My schedule is real tight for the next week and a half, so I can help with the planning if someone can step in for me during the performing (if that happens before my schedule clears up, which I imagine it will)


So, I coloured my sigil and added it to my avatar…


I got LOTR vibes from that… Definitely an Elvish feel…
Edit: If I made myself one, could you digitalize it @Nimueh?


That’ll depend on how complicated it is, I’m no artist, but I’ll give it a shot. You’ll need to specify any colours and/or effecty stuff.

And yeah, it does kinda look like the Ring script combined with Rohan colours. Not intentional, but kinda cool seen as the quote is LOTR too lol :smiley:


I’ll be your Thorn if you need me but it sounds like tonight is not our best bet if we want lots of participation. I actually have a dance tonight too. Maybe tomorrow night would work?


Probably, or later afternoon.


I know I won’t be aroudn tomorrow night either, I got a concert. But as I said before, we already have a Bali anyway.


Yeah I could for sure.


That, my friend, is fancy. Love it.


i want that for a wall decal :heart_eyes:


Would you be able to do this @Nimueh? Sorry if I woke you up btw, I know it’s early in the UK.


So I understand this correctly - are each of the guilds making their own sigil with guild-themed phrases around its borders…Or are you all just pitching ideas for a single sigil? Sorry, just want to make sure I understand this correctly. :sweat_smile: I don’t mind doing a Flinter charm if we’re going guild-specific ones.


Grim made a general one for anybody and everybody. It encompasses all guilds.

Everyone else is making personal ones?

I think ?


@Ginger, you got it. Grim made a general sigil to as a boost and/or upgrade to the Jordian spell. Everyone can make a personal sigil and post it to help boost the general sigils power.


Decided to follow suit and make my own sigil. :slight_smile: Hope it helps with the spell!


Btw, @Mr5yy I tried digitizing your sigil for you? Here it is:

Tried to keep it as close to the original drawing as possible, but I think the perspective may have skewed it a bit. :disappointed_relieved: