Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


Dannnngggg Nim, 10/10 amazing.


Do you think we should do some loud reading of the poem to make the upgrade work? And if yes - is one form every guild here? ( Have to go afk for dinner soon… but will come back later)


Looks to me like we have 2 Balis, 3 Goss, an Ebie and a Thornie… (I too will be going off for a bit to eat)

Edit: Missed Viv and Remus. Urg, this is what happens when I try to cook and forum lol


When we did the Storm’s Stun, as I have come to call it, I don’t think anyone read them out loud, we just posted the quotes. If anyone wants to, go ahead and read them outloud. I bet it will help and might give a boost to the spell.


you’re alright. Nimueh.

thank you for digitzing it.
it is isnt it?


Amazing sigils everyone.

I’m not sure if this has been discussed since the focus was defense towards the forums and users, but if we make personal sigils and such, how can we use them to help protect our friends like Deeds or Marty?

There was mention of making a general one? Is the general one Grim’s or do we want to work on one we can send our friends who are out and about? Marty said he had a token that protected him, which is now with Jeremy and the others, so maybe he could use a replacement?

Edit: Or maybe I’m just very confused about things, and you all could ignore me.


The plan is, as far as I can tell, is that the general one is to protect the forum as an upgraded Jovian spell. We also can make a personal sigil based off of the general sigil and post it on the topic as a boost to the general spell and to help protect yourself.


I think the question I was going for was what we wanted the general one to be. Grim’s since it encompasses all guilds or is there something else in the works?

Also, the Council’s protection around us is weakening, as far as we know the forums are safe. This ‘benefactor’ does not seem to have any ill will towards us or the Mounties of the past, so I’m not worried that they’ve seen the forums. So do we really need to update the protection Spell? Or is it more of a just in case measure?


The Jordian spell protects the forum, but the Storm and possibly the Silver know ways around it, so the general sigil is an upgrade to hopefully close all the holes.


its a counter measure. and i would suggest using my sigil for general protection as it takes a little from everythiing so far.

i can bear the brunt of the energy for the shield. its of my making. i can “overclock” it if we need it.
but its meant to be a stronger shield. It’s meant to be the shield we need.
it should shield us from more. and be able to shield our friends on the other side.


The idea so far had been to use Grim’s sigil as the main shield and than use personal sigils to boost it.


Not sure if you guys have a flinter yet, but I know Team Gladitor does…so if you need another hand here, I can try to help!


@grimangel53 Do you think it is enough to have your shield in this thread, or should it be at a significant location. (I think the original Jordian image is at a special point, but I´m not sure where.)

Furthermore I digitalised my sigil-version, made it more Gossmere-Specific and put a tiny version of it in my user-pic.
So if anyone wants to use it - feel free.
I could do versions for the other guilds, too - but I admit digital art is not my greatest skill :wink:

@Ginger I think if we would have one guild specific sigil and the general Marty, Deeds & co could pic one for themselfes and maybe adjust it with their own favourite quote or as @Nimueh mentioned, make it personal by writing it down, building a charm etc.



I think the sigil should possibly be used in another jordian ritual, to “overwrite” or “add” to the previous sigil.

and ver nice work Crytter.


That would mean to do the full safeguard ritual? (origami vessels, group of readers, group of witnesses etc)
And I looked it up: the image should not be more than 2 clicks away from the “front door” :wink:


Not my area of expertise, but I think you could introduce a “patch” to strengthen the intent of the Joradian safeguard without recreating the entire spell.


I could imagine a group of six, who read the poem together maybe having their personal sigil as focus and/or sharing a thought on whats the most precious to protect in the community coudl be enough for that “patch”.
(Digital Magiq lets really strange expressions appear — a magiq-patch to Joradian Safeguard 0.1 ^^)


i like this idea. that would do if we can get help from the other guilds.


We’ve got close to all 6 guilds right here. Why not do a google chat later at 10 est or something like that and we can try it out?


(i cant participate due to work circumstances)