Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


I need a picture of the jordian safeguard. gimme a second

can i get a picture of the constellation for Aorthora? and the armor constellation?




Gladitor is the sword. Aorthora is the armor.


thanks 5


shield constellation?


I put Gladiator up under the the first constellation.



Durkonos is a helmet.


@Crytter I love that! I think the concept of the 6 coming together and hone our individual magiqs would be very interesting to see.


… I´m still at work so just a quick attempt in the style of @Mr5yy
…but this would miss a protection symbol - maybe a shield or has anyone a good idea for a geometrical one? … I´m not sure how to combine this with the charm idea (to much text to write on a little charm) unless you make one out of paper/origami … I´m bad at origami ^^ and in a rush, will check in again later.


We could put a shield in the middle of the drawing instead, like this:


working on it.
using a modified version of my Shield Sigil.


This is what I have


Love the Theban!




Something I was working on. Grim’s is better though! <3


Okay, so here are two variations of the sigil you can use! Great job @Nimueh and @grimangel53!


Maybe the Sigil ans Poem of @grimangel53 which represents all guilds could be used as some kind of Jordian Upgrade? And we add personal Sigil Charms (or something like that) for us users? Maybe we could come up with one quote/symbol pairing for every guild and give them to the other? So Everyone would have a digital protection sigil and can feel free to add a non digital charm?


It’s a good idea. And posting a personal sigil might boost the digital one.


I just digitized @grimangel53’s Sigil, hope you don’t mind? And damn, theban is hard to write sideways!