Operation Aorthora : Forum/Mountie Defensive Spell


So and update from @Marty.60, received by text from the “Benefactor” tells us this;

“You don’t have time to comb the files. The Council’s protection is fading. Fast. Go back to the north shore. Tell the mountaineers when you’re there, and I’ll tell you where to find Fallon.”
We need to work on a spell/s to protect us and/or the Forum.


On the Offense thread, @Sellalellen had a really good idea about making enchanted charms for us Mounties to carry. @grimangel53 has some expertise in sigil crafting that could be helpful, too.


So an idea I had is we could base a spell of the Jordian spell, maybe try to fix it’s weaknesses?


Both of those are really good ideas! Maybe craft a sigil onto a charm?


Enchanted sigils seems like a go way to go, maybe it could be put onto something liek a pebble and carried around? Maybe we could combine it with the Jordian spell by having that on the pther side of the pebble?


And maybe we could add a picture of the sigil to our user pics here online, like the Jordian had to be online, too? – If thats not to complicated ^^- i think this would amplify the protection to the forum.


Personal and forum protection, I like it!


Good idea! Could someone, maybe @grimangel53, upload a picture if sigils we could use? And then everyone post a picture of what yours looks like here!


Would everyone need unique Sigil or is ist possible to craft one that says “Sty away storm” for everyone?


Maybe plug up any holes left


I think ill focus here in creating a defensive spell. I like the idea of a sigil, but I think an element of borrowed figuration may help as wel? A poem like the Ojorad?


I think the same sigil should work, maybe add personal ones also if they want to.


A standard one would probably work, but maybe personal ones might help if we want to carry one ourselves as it would be tuned to the person that made it. Maybe even if it’s just using your favorite or lucky pen to write it might help.

@OracleSage, I think that’s kinda what I meant by enchanted, I think. But yeah, adding some sort of verbal element using figuration magiq would add somethign more to it.

Meh, I don’t know…


We could do something like origami, where people draw the sigil in the middle of the paper, write a verbal spell or something similar around it, then fold the paper up.


I´m not so great at poetry but maybe it could be about the values each guild would protect?
The Gossmere would protect the team spirit, the thornmouth the wisdom and so on?


These are all awesome ideas folks! Keep up the great work!


It doesn’t have to be poetry. When we stunned the Storm we used a quote that represents a guild. Maybe the verbal writing should be a quote that represents each person.


I’m thinking the words could be anything, a passage from a story you like, a film quote, something you just want to say. I think magiq, esspecially figuration magiq, seems to be as much about the intention as the actual act. Each person could say somethign different and the effect could be the same.


Same as what Augo said! You guys are doing essential work, just as essential to the process of opening the book as what Team Gladitor is doing on the other thread. Keep it going, and good luck! We’ll all need some today, I think.

Also, 5, I think the poetry was a suggestion to perhaps make a stronger spell, since it would be an original work instead of work founded on the work of others. We’re assuming that original work would be stronger, and I think poetry was just the idea thrown out first. Like Nim said above, intent is probably the most important thing.


Something like this should work: