November Hangout: December 4th, 2017 @ 8pm! (UPDATED)


Hey Mounties!
So I can do the Hangout this Wednesday evening at 8pm, following by a patron after-party at 9!
Lots to discuss!
You in?!


Count me in!


Ill be there :grin:


I will make every effort to be there for this!


Just enough time to Hangout before a meeting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Count me in!


I’ll try to be on!


I’m all in!


8pm is Official Auglet Bedtime™, so I can try to catch the tail end of it like last time, but no promises.




Yay! We’ve missed our glorious overlord!!!


Hey guys?
I was just outlining what I wanted to talk about in the Hangout tonight when I realized I literally can’t discuss anything until the new site launches next week because there are a few surprises and secrets.

Surprises and secrets that you’re definitely going to want to discuss when you see them.

So what do you think about postponing tonight and doing a super-sized Hangout early next week, say Monday or Tuesday?

That way we can discuss the new stuff, including the site surprises, the future, PRSFNE, and spell-casting…


Monday works. Then again, so does tuesday. My job doesnt need me xD


If that works best for you keeping the secrets then I reckon it works. I was just looking forward to hanging out but I’ll just look forward to it next week.


I am 100 pecent okay with this because I suddenly had to make other plans tonight. :slight_smile: Win-win scenario!


I couldn’t make tonight, and probably can’t make Mon/Tues anyway next week cause time zones… but hey, good hear cool stuff coming!


I’m down for next week, just not Tuesday. 1st anniversary of my best friend’s passing and I’ve got plans for it.


I think either of those days would work for me! Definitely excited about secrets and surprises…


Monday works best!


Hey guys, just to let you know, the next hangout will take place on December 4th, from 8-9pm. Enjoy!


Yay birthday hangout!