New Thornmouth, What can I do?



Hey guys,

My name is Manji, I’m a “new” Thornmouth. I say new because I joined the forums a while ago, and never really did anything. I also took the sorting thing maybe 5 times trying to remember my guild, and after looking at the photos, realized it had been Thornmouth all along.

Anyway…I’m in the US, but I work night shift at a local hospital. I just finished Marty’s book, and it made me realize, that you guys may be what I’ve been looking for all along. I really want to get involved and help out where I can. Any points in the right direction would be super helpful!

Also, any tips for navigating the forums on iOS?


I’d recommend google’s Chrome app or the Ackerly Green app. Safari seems to get tetchy about the forum.

If you know the category you’re looking for you can find them in the menu beside your avatar picture. You can also check for new or latest posts as they appear as a number in brackets like Latest (2).


@Sellalellen is one of your guild leaders. As Max said, the Ackerly Green app is a fantastic resource to use. There’s the Magiq wiki also, witch I think you can access from the app.


The forums are much easier on the app vs Safari. Thank you both!


Hey, welcome to the forums! If you’ve read Marty’s book, then you know a decent chunk of what we’ve been getting up to, but there’s also some new things to look into. We’ve got some things going on with the Secret Society, with the newest thread being On the Atlantic. We could use all the help we can get over there, as we’re currently trying to nail down real world locations related to some clues we’ve gotten from a magimystical ghost. You may also find the wiki page useful in catching up.

Beyond that, we’re always looking for folks to explore the MAGIQverse. So if you like to write, do art, play music, etc we’d love to see how magiq inspires you. If that sounds interesting, check out the campfire! We also have a discord available for folks who are at trust level 2 and above. When you hit trust level 3, we also have a community called PRSFNE dedicated to exploring Neithernor. So, that’s something to look forward to later down the line! :cjsmile:

The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!

Hello! I’m the First Word of the Thornmouth. :thornmouth: Feel free to ask me or basically anyone if you need help. Everyone is super friendly. I can’t reccomend the wiki enough for lore or remembering who’s who. (Thanks Rev :simon:). Also yes campfire is awesome. One of my favourite places on the forum. Also, The Cabinet is the place to go for random or non-AGP discussion. :doge: That’s fun too. There’s a topic for just about everything on here so maybe do a quick search before you post to make sure you’re not creating a duplicate as a favour to the mods. It’s great to have you! :endri2:


Too many emojis. I know. I went overboard.


@Revenir Thanks! I may be a bit of a help on the secret society stuff actually…

As far as the art stuff, I just had a wonderful idea that would be able to help a lot of people. I’ve never done anything like it before, but I’d like to try. I will give the first phase of it a shot tonight and see what I come up with.

@Sellalellen What does that mean, “first word of Thornmouth”?

Looks like I have some more reading to do on the wiki! Thank you both!


Each of the Guild Leaders have titles. Mine is First Word. Other ones include “Chaos Quorum” for the Balimoran leaders and Runekeeper (not 100% sure for that one) for one of the Flinterforge leaders. I can’t remember all of them.


Aha found them. Here are the current leaders and their titles. Who has what title isn’t super important. We all have Guild Leader beside our profile pics anyhow.


Awesome, thank you very much!


@Revenir I just want you to know that I added your “getting started” reply here to the welcome message for the forum. :slight_smile:




Welcome @manji!!! Great to have another thorn. (sorry it took so long for me to welcome. I’ve been off grid for the last month. Best welcome back present to find we have a new thorn friend!)