Hi everyone! You’ve seen me welcoming you to the forum, so I thought I’d expand from it! Here you can tell us a little more about yourself! Enjoy!


Further assuring us that you’re not an automated welcoming system, right @Mr5yy?
Not sure exactly what you had in mind for us to put here, but I’m just gonna jump in, if that’s alright. Viviane, here, or just Viv. I found The Monarch Papers through a Facebook ad and joined…6 days ago, I guess? It feels like I’ve been here longer. By day, I work for a research institute in DC. By night, I write stories, sew clothes, read sci-fi and fantasy, learn Python, dance, and lurk on Tumblr.


That’s pretty much all I had planned for you to put down. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:


Thank Goodness you joined. Flinterforge needed more active members!


So I joined two days ago after seeing a sponsored post on Facebook. I’m in grad school for engineering (so I definitely landed in the right guild), and outside of that I’m into DIYing/sewing, a bit of painting, reading when I can, and spending way too much time on Tumblr.


I joined yesterday after seeing a Facebook ad, just like the others in this thread. This fall I’m going to be a freshman in college studying linguistics (and possibly sociology and psychology as well). For fun, I like to read, play computer games, watch Netflix, cook/bake, work out, and learn new things.


Ye saw the Facebook advert as well and it really intrigued me. I’m just finishing my Foundation Degree in Applied Animal Management and I’m planning on progressing on to the Applied Animal Management BS(Hons) after the summer. I love reading and walking on the Moors and hills.


I’ll put some stuff about me as well, even though Im not new. I’m a sophomore in Animal Science here in Ohio. I ride horses, have 6 dogs, 3 cats, write stories, do photography, and have a good time!!!


I joined up I want to say last month. I work for a legal firm as a researcher. I am a plant dad.


I joined up 3 days ago after seeing an ad, I’m a junior in high school, planning on going into ether the arts or forensics.


Shawn, going into my junior year in college. Aspiring voice actor, amateur comedian/genre writer. D&D fanatic, history and mythology nerd.


Ahhh. Welcome fellow mythology nerd. Remember nerd means Never Ending Radical Dude.


I joined yesterday after seeing an ad on Facebook. I work in the medical field and I will be starting college to get my RN very soon. I enjoy reading, playing guitar, and playing games when I have the time. ::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I also saw the Facebook ad, and so yesterday, I decided to click on it and ended up joining late last night. I’m a rising sophomore in college, and I study anthropology. I like stories and storytelling, so I like consuming stories in film, books, and TV series.


bumpity bump. This was a good thread.


It’s hard to wrap my head around how many people joined around when I did.

And I thought they’d been here longer than me…

(My “welcome to the forum” message is dated late June 4th :coleshock: )


Ooooh coming up on one year :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow. It feels weird looking back on when this topic was made. Almost a year now…


Wow, it’s amazing to see this thread. And to those who stuck around, ily. :eaveshug:


I went to the top of the thread by accident and got really confused when I saw a post I didn’t remember :sweat_smile:
EDIT: Found out why: people keep liking my old comments and it literally just happened to me again