New DG Post: The Vault


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"Imagination is nothing more than memory, transposed.’



The Myth! All the books! Ckskrolsjablk so many new things!


So much knowledge! Looks like the Thornmouth clean up crews have a new location to visit @Sellalellen!


all that knowledge would be nice to read through… hinthint


Looks like you were right about the tunnel, @Robert! :trophy:


Eagerly awaits news of Cole and Deidre stumbling into The Forge

Also it’s such an excellent feeling…everything coming together and connecting (I’ll refrain from using the puzzle analogy since these were actual puzzles we did, but you guys get the idea).


also is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ebenrest.


Itsuki :sob:

But also asdfghjkl;
Imagine all the stories … all the Magiq …