New DG Post: The Three Manners of Magiq


I opened a door to the warren.


Yay!!! Be careful inside!


I’m not going in. Not until the storm comes.


Than be extremely careful outside.


Be very vigilant, Cole. BE QUICK LIKE A BUNNY.

We cannot lose you.


I think I hear it.


Cole, don’t wait til the last second.

Crap, if I’d have thought of it I’d have had you prep a text to DG in advance to let her know where you’re going.


see it


Go, dont let it get you with the door wide open!


Don’t let the door hit you on the way in.


Cole go now.


Get in the door!!!


Please go Cole.


I hope he made it. All of this rests on him now.


We’re out. She’s safe. I made it in the warren and Dee showed up a few seconds later. We spent the night (two days) making sure it was gone. Dee’s gonna write up a post or two to explain everything, like how the journal got back to the brownstone. It’s nuts.

I’ve never seen anything like it. It moved so fast. There was this flash of light on the street that made it recoil for a second and bought me time to shut the door. Could’ve been a streetlight but I like to think it was you guys.

Thank you.

Operation Gladitor: Offense Against The Storm

I just finally exhaled now. Thanks for letting us know you and Deeds are safe.


Oh thank god, I was tossing and turning worried about you two last night.
I look forward to hear what happened.


I’m so happy to hear you guys are OK. Be careful though… Now that it has your scents, I doubt it will back down.

But if that light was us… At least we know we can help you a little bit. It’s not invincible to spells.


I was nervous all last night about if you guys made it or not. Thank goodness your alright.


I’m glad you’re both safe!