New DG Post: The Door - Part Two


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Um. Go. Read. Now.


WOOOOOO Tome kindling WOOOOO. On another note, I wonder if Deirdre is going to share with us what she found out through this man. I want to know what her father experienced and what happened in the past to lead us here.


So I wasn’t completely off with my theory of people being wells :slight_smile:


@Brit I wouldn’t even say you were “not completely off,” I would say your theory was a good 50% of the total picture, which ain’t something to sneeze at! If Deidre turns out to be a well… that would be fascinating.

I think that whatever was at the end of the roads, the thing that disappeared… it’s not… that important. I don’t know that it would have held all the answers we’re looking for - that Sullivan was looking for - anyway. We’re finding Magiq in places I’m not sure they were “left” for us to find, and in a way, we’re making our own. With every key fragment we find, we’re getting closer to the answers.

Also nothing to sneeze at.


Well, that was incredible.




That was a great story yes. So in a way Deidre is the end of the path.


I’m just really glad she finally learned some things about her parents that aren’t negative. Maybe she can get some healing from this as well as knowledge.



Also, I just realized I know so little about Diedre’s mom and I wanna know more about her now.


This is the most we’ve heard about Deirdre’s mom. And I had NO idea she knew anything about magiq.


I’m curious at the timeline of her mom. Here are the things we know.

Sullivan wrote that he left Deidre in her mom’s care.

DG’s mom died (or vanished, I suppose)

Sullivan cast a massive spell to protect Deeds.

I’m curious. Did Sullivan begin his plan to cast his spell before, or after DG’s mom died?


I LOVE how casually this builds upon magic lore

Kindling is a thornmouth specialty with communion magiq being a gossmere trade in particular. Was he using previously cast magiq to build upon in communion? Or did D help?

I’ll move this thought onto another thread but WOW

I’m so hungry for the next fragment


I agree! Mabye he is a polyguild???
Or is it just that those magiq’s come easier to you if your in that guild?
I must know!


The way I always thought about it was that magiq is magiq no matter who you are, but the guild affinities are either more accessible spells within a guild (sharing grimoire, group casting, etc); or less so that there is some personality characteristic shared between members of a guild that naturally make their given affinities easier to cast. I know even as a Gossmere, I’ve accidently cast the Night of Endless Learning and other forms of Time Shifting. I don’t consider myself a polyguild, I am very much squarely a Gossmere.


This has been nagging at me for a bit, but does anyone else think Climber could possibly be Deirdre’s mother? It’s probably a long shot, but we do know that Deirdre’s mother disappeared (possibly around the time Climber did), and she may have been adept as well. Teddy’s journal indicated that magical knowledge would’ve been passed down to any of Climber’s descendants, but maybe Sullivan’s spell to protect her from magic locked that away somehow, and the counterspell alone wasn’t enough to unlock the rest of that knowledge? In that case, it might need to be unlocked either with another spell or by Deirdre following the path of wool.

It’s also very possible that I’m just grasping at straws here, though.


That sounds spot on! I would not be suprised if Climber is in fact Deeds long lost mum, her mountie nickname of course. Great work!