New DG Post: The Door - Part Three


Ok, I’m going to try to be overly optimistic about this…but I think this isn’t necessarily a bad thing? Deirdre found the truth of her parents, finally, and now she made her own decision rather than simply following her father’s footsteps. And in a way, this was good for her - she’s determined not to let herself be lost to the same obsession that took away her parents. She’s grounding herself with people like Cole. She made her own choice to not be defined by the Monarch Papers, to have her own life and do what’s gonna make her happy. I can’t help but see that as a good thing.

I mean, I know it’s not perfect. Certainly not the grand magiqal adventure we were all expecting. But Deirdre is making her own path now and that’s also something to celebrate. Maybe at some point, she’ll decide to pursue magiq again, but it should be on her own terms.


I haven’t talked to Eaves off-forum in a while and I think I’m overcompensating.

Honestly, I’m in a whirlwind. Thornmouth happiness at all this new information, then human-being devastation at what she’s going through and possibly losing her.


Have a hug.


I will play devil’s advocate to your overly optimistic for just one second. (Then I will stop being a jerk for a few hours, promise)

Hiding from the world in the one place you feel safe ARE her father’s footsteps.

What I hope comes from this is we get to a point where DG isn’t being yanked around the emotional spectrum by what’s come before and she gets to decide for herself what to do. Shutting the truth out is no different than following it blindly. What I want for her, what I have ever wanted for her, is for her to have a chance to be her. I hope she gets it.


You have a fair point there. I just hope that she’ll be able to reconcile both worlds, not fully hiding from it like she was before the Calling spell but also not going full-Sullivan and chasing it to the ends of the Earth (and her sanity). I definitely agree about her getting a chance to be herself, I hope she gets it as well.


Very well put.


I agree with Robert… And Rev. If Deidre is going to choose a life of Magiq, or not, it needs to be because it’s what she wants for herself independently of this search for answers of her past, her parents, and things she cannot change.

If we truly “lose” her it’s because we allowed ourselves to put our needs in front of hers. We have the ability to support her in whatever she chooses for her life, whether it involves Magiq, the Council - because they’ve impacted her directly - and the Mounties, or whether it’s as mundane and normal, and stable as she desires in this moment.

At this point, her emotions are on a pendulum. From excited, determined, seeking answers, and hope - and now, disappointment, pain, and revulsion at what she has learned. She’s swung far right on her course. Let’s see if she eventually brings herself swinging back the other way.

Finding out your mom cursed your dad because he became obsessed, tried to steal you from your mother, and lived his life in Central Park out of fear of the curse and possibly something else… big, life-altering revelations.

All of this is optimistically assuming that she’ll be allowed the luxury of quitting. The Council’s plans, up til now, have involved her and Cole to a degree. I don’t know that it will stop. For now, all we can do is watch her back, and wait for the next step.

I want to know why, specifically, Central Park was able to provide Sullivan with protection.


@Deyavi Sullivan mentions Central Park in his preparation for his spell on Deidre. His letters about it are here.

Basically he refers to it as ‘The seat of this coast’s power’. My guess, based on everything we’re hearing about the 18 gates from both sides of the veil, is that this is a place where the veil is the thinnest.


I’m going to rant here. This is cheaper than therapy and the county has asked me to stop doing this on public transport so this is my best place. I’m going to put this in spoiler tags because this may be completely useless to anyone other than me.

[spoiler]Sullivan - WHAT THE H :balimora: LL ARE YOU DOING?! W! T! F!

I’ve taken Sullivan’s “side” if you will for all of this. I have a young daughter myself. I would do anything to protect her. I’d jump on a handgrenade. I’d drag a flock of nuns with me if I thought that would make the difference. It’s biological, and it’s borderline irrational but there it is. And I just have to protect my daughter from ‘mundane’ threats, not creatures piercing the veil between worlds and stuff.

Rationally, in hindsight, I’m against what he did to Deidre shielding her from the world he saw. But I have complete understanding why he did it, and I can’t claim I wouldn’t do the exact same thing in his place. I probably would have. I might have done it twice.

Sullivan said in his notes his deepest wish was for Deidre to see the world he sees. That’s why the reversal spell even existed. That’s why he led us to it. That’s why the Book of Briars enabled him and helped us find him.

Is this the damned truth you really wanted her to see, Sullivan? Is this why Cole could have been flambéed? “Dear Deidre, I tried to steal you and your mother tried to kill me. Oh, and there’s no end to this path I created for you. Love you!” By the Creator’s Mighty Beard I am beyond pissed off at this. Writer her a damned note explaining it, and substitute ‘gun’ for ‘magic artifact’ and you could have told her this entire story without even mentioning Magiq at all. "I tried to steal you, your mom shot me and injured me, and our lives were ruined. ’ Same story and doesn’t involve world travel, a magical book jerking us around and smash a woman’s hopes and dreams into the rocks over and over.

When Deidre almost gave up two weeks ago and Sullivan posted a note in the journal saying “Don’t give up, Deidre”…is THIS why he didn’t want her to give up? So she could get to the REAL reason why she wanted to give up a few weeks from now when it was way more dramatic and emotionally devastating to her?

And the @The_Book_of_Briars , you’re not idle in all this. We devoted 2 entire fragments to finding, and casting a cure for Deidre, just so we could destroy her? I thought we were helping people here? What’s next? We’re going to free Portentica just so you can tell her her Santa Claus isn’t real?!

There’s one reason I’m not more angry about this (yeah, that could happen). I’ve reread Sullivan’s notes about Deidre, and more importantly about his own life. Sullivan didn’t have a choice to see what he saw. He regretted it, wondered if things could be otherwise. He wanted Deidre to see the best of what he saw, but not the worst. He didn’t know what to do.

The one potential, tiny, saving grace in this is this was Sullivan’s way of showing Deidre her true choice. Telling Deidre ‘hey you can be an average someone or a join a magiqal world!’ wasn’t a real choice. Would anyone chose the former there? He needed her to see the magiq, to experience it. He needed her to see the chase, the ups and downs of following a path like he and her mom had. He needed her to see all the best, and all the worst, even the worst possible outcome. Only then could she make a true choice.

Sullivan, you better have this ace up your sleeve. If not, I swear I will find your remains, dig you up, and kick your bony ass back and forth from each of the Six Corners to the next. I’m watching you and @The_Book_of_Briars closely. Do not F this up.[/spoiler]

There. I feel better now.


Maybe it is better to leave it on that bench, maybe someone else will find it, and read it. The world needs magiq even if it is just reading a journal you found on a park bench in Montreal.


I’m really glad you did this rant :). It’s exactly what was in my head when I read the blog post. I can’t believe that this is it… Why send her all around the world for nothing? I’m going to keep watching this space