New DG Post: The Door - Part Three


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Wow. Okay. So Deirdre learned the truth, it just wasn’t what she was expecting… what any of us were expecting.


What the?
She can’t be.


Huh. I did not see any of that coming.

I have many, many thoughts on the matter…but none of them are important.

Our members risked their lives and sanity to give her a choice of what to do with her life. A choice she didn’t have before. She made her choice. I can’t fault her for taking the opportunity. It wasn’t what I was hoping, but maybe nothing is forever.

I suppose we should tell Lauren there’s another journal of magiq laying about in Montreal. At least it could be put to use instead of rotting there.


But… Deirdre gets to have a choice in what her life will be. Maybe she needs time to grieve and heal. Maybe this won’t be the last we see of her.


I have said it once, and I will say it again, it is NEVER a bad idea to play nice with the new Cagliostro. Plus she helped us out not too long ago, it might not hurt to repay the favour if we can find a way to get ahold of her.

And yes, we knew this was a possibility when we gave her the choice. It was a risk worth taking and it is a bummer this played out how it did. I know Deirdre is probably feeling overwhelmed and hurt and lost. The best we can do is be ready to support her if she ever wants to come looking our way again. We know she is in very good hands with Cole and he will do everything he can to support her in whatever way she decides to live her life, Magiq or no Magiq.


OK, syllables restored.
This is a shock, and her choice. But don’t think the path or her path with us is done there.
I hope she stays safe.
Someone has to retrieve her journal.
That’s essential, for us and her in days to come.
Is that a rumble of thunder I hear?


While I think it would be brilliant to help Lauren acquire the journal, let’s be careful on how we contact her seeing as Kemetic Solutions runs the Cagliostro email server.


OMG. Not what I expected! I mean, it’s her choice, and she may yet change her mind, but…

I agree we need to get the journal.
Do we have any way of getting in touch with Ishi or Colby ourselves?
What is the red house, can we find it?


Agreed. You were thinking the exact same thing as me.


In hindsight, if she left it at the park in Toronto then Colby probably grabbed it. She never referred to Colby and his friends as Mountaineers. We always assumed they were but maybe they’re just a bunch of retired researchers who went on with their lives. They may have no idea we exist.

I don’t think we have any way to find them. As for the Red House? It sounds interesting but we’ve never heard of it before.


I’m a little heartbroken for her. I don’t think this answer was anything she expected, or was prepared for. I need some time to mentally process everything she’s shared, so I can’t imagine what she must be feeling, having experienced it.

Thoughts about Sullivan, the red house, her mother, the dark magiq… Central Park as the “safety zone.”

I do think Lauren may be the best person to take the journal.


Someone should shoot Lauren an email and someone needs to message Deirdre about getting Colby’s or maybe Ishi’s contact information.


As @Revenir said above, we need to pump the brakes a bit on shooting an e-mail to Lauren. The only e-mail we have of hers is hosted on a site ran by Kemetic Solutions. And I think we may need to give Deirdre some space right now as well.


Unfortunately, as Rev pointed out above, the only email address we have for Lauren is on a sever controlled by Kemetic Solutions. We probably shouldn’t use it.

We could ask DG for any contact information we could get from Colby (if she even has any) . Can’t hurt, but I’d give her some time to decompress.

Edit: Dangit @Brendon!!!


I am learning from @Kelsey… muahahahaha :smiling_imp: :imp:


We could attempt to catch her attention by making a thread like “Open letter to Lauren,” but that assumes she’s visiting the site. :sweat:


Let’s go to the Morgan Library and set it on fire, just like she did. That will get her attention :fire: :fire: :fire:

I am kidding… unless you think it is a good idea, then I am game :wink:

EDIT: I am still kidding, I do not condone the burning of buildings


You know, today we’ve been quoted at by a mad man. We’ve possibly sent someone off to be caught and interrogated on ‘the chair’. And we’ve had the Green heir quit on us.

Could we just skip to tomorrow please? Maybe we should just all go to sleep and meet back here in 16 hours or so? Hope for a better day?


Aisling’s a pretty name. That’s something…


Damn your incorrigible optimism, @Endri!