New DG Post: The Door - Part One


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OMG, cliffhanger… Deidre is finally filling us in on what’s been going on in Montreal.


:cry: I am overwhelmed.

Who is this man?


That was heavy.

At least there’s a new mystery now. Never a dull moment with that girl.


For a second I was a little concerned it wouldn’t be a friend :sweat_smile:

Tinfoil hat anyone?


I’m dying to know as well. If he was part of Sullivan’s spell, could it be Ishi, Colby, or Mendelssohn? Or perhaps they’re one of the three others.

Either way, that’s absolutely fascinating. Someone who not only knew Sullivan’s magiqal side, but was friends with him. Who knows what tales he has to tell.


Wow…just wow…


After Israel, I was a little worried. Does this mean that whatever was knocking all this time, wasn’t a threat at all?

What’s behind the glass? A passageway? Hidden behind wood blocks, made to look like bricks? Maybe… she won’t need to know now, with this new acquaintance in her life.

@Revenir, this could be her first connection to someone who truly knows everything! More than we could ever tell her. He seemed to have an emotional connection to her, someone who sees himself as having a place of guardianship in her life.

Is it weird that I am excited for her?

One thing we can guess with a measure of confidence is that he’s Gossmere!


I was actually wondering if what she was feeling when in front of the wall was despair… Because we’d already chosen hope and illumination with the oracular eye. It’s very late here though so it might just be me :slight_smile:


The spell that hid her away…hid her away…away from what? The Storm perhaps? That would be a fairly straight forward and logical thought for sure or maybe…maybe the spell hid her away from KS? Maybe because she knows things she doesn’t know she knows…that could be what the spell hid…her ability to know…guys is it possible she is adept too?!? The Storm or KS…either way she could be in real danger…


Early on, Dierdre had a spell put on her that hid her away from the entire magiqal world. Later, we helped lift it so that we could communicate with her.


Another ally that is a boon. A Goss ally too. That’s good, she might just be safe for a while.


But why hide her from the magiqal world? Was that ever explained? Lol sorry it’s late and I’m currently working so if it’s been explained I can’t remember :confused:


Also the writing on The Book of Briars says “the gathered parts unlock the door, beyond is what you’re searching for”…what if what she’s looking for is what we are trying to actually unlock? After all she did lead us to a door…maybe it’s THE door…

3:30am rambling/theories

Edit: More thoughts…The lost eye said “The Council works to reveal what little is left of magiq here, hidden in the darkest wells, not yet collected.” I don’t think it was referring to literal wells but more like wells as being a reference to minds…people’s minds…and perhaps they were made dark to protect them…but the magiq they posses is still there buried…and we are the ones who are tasked in helping unlock them…so far we’ve done a lot of mind unlocking of sorts I feel…since ive been here which hasn’t been very long there has been Augie, Marty, Whistler (yes a car started it but we are essentially spurring his remembering on further), we are currently helping to unlock fragments of a memory of Portencia’s to further unlock…I feel like we are doing by all of this gathering bits of magiq bit by bit and it accumluates on itself…Augie said something about the book being shaped by us didn’t he? So what if we aren’t necessarily shaping it so much as building up the amount of magiq it possesses…based on these probably preposterous and not at all plausible theories (it is almost 4 am now where I’m at and I’m not sure if I’m even making sense anymore lol)
I suspect Deirdra is the final “dark well”…


I agree. And there’s also Monica who may need her memories unlocking too?


It was indeed explained. At the start of fragment eight, Sullivan left a letter for Deirdre that we were able to read. The long story short - he had seen some amazing things from magiq, but he’d also seen people totally destroyed from magiq. He didn’t want her pining for the hidden truth of magiq, thus endangering her life, so he thought she would be better off as a regular person. To protect her, he created a spell called the Calling of the Corners, that he performed with six friends (each from one of the guilds).

Deep down, though, he really wanted Deirdre to know the truth of him and of magiq. When he was creating the spell, those feelings got mixed in. You can read about that in the Monarch Papers, Vol. 3. Because of that, the spell had a loophole that, if performed twice on the same person, would free them from the protection. Using that, we were able to perform the spell on Deirdre and free her. And, well, that’s how we got to where we are now - Deirdre was finally able to understand her dad’s journal and now she’s following it to find the truth.


That’s better than I could have ever explained it. Thanks, @Revenir.


Aw, thanks Kings! Happy to help! :blush: